Auditions Announced for OUT OF STERNO at Mariemont Players

MPI_logoMariemont Players and director Dan Maloney announce auditions for OUT OF STERNO by Deborah Zoe Laufer.

Audition Dates/Times:

  • 7 PM Sunday, January 13th
  • 7 PM Monday, January 14th

Location: 4101 Walton Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227

Performance Dates: May 10-26

Dotty’s life in Sterno with her husband Hamel is absolutely perfect! It’s a fairy tale, it really is. True, in their seven years of marriage Hamel has forbidden her to leave their tiny apartment or speak to anyone, but Dotty is so very happy to spend her days watching video re-enactments of the day they first met. When a phone call from a mysterious woman threatens to tear her world asunder, Dotty must venture out into the vast city of Sterno, and try to discover what it is to be a “real” woman.

OUT OF STERNO is a coming-of-age play in an Alice in Wonderland world. It explores the triumph and heartbreak of growing up and the contradictory societal pressures women face just trying to make it across town.


20’s. Childlike and loving and hopeful, bursting with intense enthusiasm for everything. She refuses to think ill of anyone.

30’s-40’s. Dotty’s thuggish husband. Very very very very not smart. Loves his wife, needs her for everything, but is prey to other urges. Much more stupefied than angry or threatening.

30’s-40’s. The proprietress of Zena’s Beauty Emporium. Miss Triboro Area for two years running. Tough as nails.

Magically transforms himself into every other character in the play including: Delivery Man, Taxi Driver, Waiter, Mrs. Cuthbert, Mrs. Peabody, Barb, Sallie Mae, Man on the Bus.

Please note, ages listed are stage ages. Actors auditioning can be older/younger in real life, but they have to believably be able to play the ages listed in the script.

Rehearsals will begin around the middle of March and will be determined by the availability of the cast. Please bring known conflicts from March 18th to May 26th. Please note, there is a 2 PM performance on Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 12th.

Resumes and head shots are appreciated but not required. For more information or to review the script, contact director Dan Maloney at


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