Cast Announced for DREAMGIRLS at Beavercreek Community Theatre

bctBeavercreek Community Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of DREAMGIRLS

Directed by Kip Moore
Production Dates August 30 – September 9, 2018

  • Jocelyn Trimmer as Denna
  • Carmen Day as Effie
  • Trinity H. Anthony as Lorell/Les Style/Ensembel
  • Malcolm Walker as Curtis
  • Stevin Crane as Jimmy
  • Nasir Retenson as C.C.
  • November Jones as Marty
  • Nichole Smith as Charlene/Michelle Morris
  • Nyleah Trimmer as Edna Burke
  • Te’Jal Cartwright as Step Sister/Ensemble
  • Stacia Bellard as Joann/Les Style/Ensemble
  • Aryianna Jackson as Step Sister/Ensemble
  • Christina T. Mabrey as Les Style/Ensemble
  • Kiersten Farmer as Step Sister/Ensemble
  • Berlisa Jackson as Les Style/Ensemble
  • She’lea Berry as Ensemble
  • Mendu Khanylie as Ensemble
  • Trevion Talbert as Frank/Dwight
  • U. Scott Jones as Wayne/Mr. Morgan
  • Christopher Raines as M.C/Security Guard
  • Vernon Blue ll – as Tiny J. Dixon
  • Robert McAdory as Stage Manager/ Norman
  • Mike Jackson as Little Albert/Ensemble
  • Preston McCambry as Carl/ Ensemble

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