URINETOWN The Musical Runs July 26-28

RP_Urinetown logoURINETOWN The Musical
Rivertown Players
July 26-28
Lawrenceburg High School [Lawrenceburg, Ind.]

Directed by Carla Zell

Cast: Kameron Franklin as Bobby Strong, Allison Vail as Hope Cladwell, Mike Neeley as Caldwell B. Cladwell, Doug Bruening as Officer Lockstock, Lynn Wuest Minges as Penelope Pennywise, Rowan Turcott as Little Sally, Shea Haney as Josephine “Ma” Strong, Ryan Lee Britton as Officer Barrel, TBD as Senator Fipp, Maria Gabriela as Joseph “Old Man” Strong, Kailin Mitchell as Mr. McQueen, Erika Marie Holt as Hot Blades Harry, Jamie Haney as Little Becky Two-Shoes, Jennifer Lynette Johnson as Soupy Sue, Taylor Jackson as Tiny Tom, Kimberly Turner-Tackett as Dr. Billeaux & Christine Yount Osborn as Mrs. Millenium

URINETOWN the Musical is a comedic satirical look at a mythical town where a 20 year drought has resulted in water shortages that caused government regulation and a ban of all private bathrooms. This forces everyone to use public amenities for their private business. When a new fee hike goes into effect, the masses stage a rebellion. The show also parodies musicals such as Three Penny Opera, The Cradle Will Rock, Les Mis, and the institution of the Broadway musical itself. Winner of three Tony Awards in 2001. “The title is awful, but the music is so happy”! Rated PG13

  • Thu-Sat, July 26-28 at 7:30pm

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