Auditions Announced for LITTLE OLD LADIES IN TENNIS SHOES at Undercroft Players

UCP_loogAuditions for the Undercroft Players’ production of LITTLE OLD LADIES IN TENNIS SHOES by Sandra Fenichel Asher, start tonight! 7 pm, June 26 & 27, in the basement of First Lutheran Church, 138 W. First Street, Dayton.

The show runs August 9-12, and auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Non-paid, non-union.

For more information, visit our website,

Kate Corrigan has her life in order and a new house in the suburbs, and when she meets her new neighbor and her grandson, they overwhelm Kate’s tiny existence with a roller coaster friendship and the problems of the elderly women on the block. This show reminds us that the presence of good people in our life can be transformative if we just open our door and our heart and let them in.

Cast of Characters:

  • Kate Corrigan: Casually stylish career woman, mid-30’s to 40’s
  • Molly Blumenthal: 71, warm but with a sarcastic wit
  • Jeff Bernstein: 11, gentle, sensitive
  • Marsha Bernstein: mid-40’s, high strung, meticulous. Jeff’s mom and Molly’s daughter
  • Mrs. Petrelli: 60’s, orange-red hair, good-humored and with vestiges of the glitzy glamour of her youth
  • Mrs. Feldman: elderly, matronly, a bit gloomy, with an unhealthy interest in all things medical
  • Mrs. Davis: elderly, nervous, shy
  • Bill Clayton: late 30’s – 50, Kate’s boss and occasional lover, forbidden either to boss or to love her.

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