Entry Level Carpenter Needed at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

LAC_logoLa Comedia’s Set Designer/Master Carpenter, Ivory Mazur, is seeking an entry level carpenter to complete his team. This entry-level position in live production works within the scenic department and is vital to the efficient operation of the scene shop and to building of sets during pre-production. It pays $12/hr.  Applicant must have reliable transportation.

The carpenter’s assistant answers directly to the master carpenter and is under the supervision of the production manager. The responsibilities of the assistant include moving and storing of construction materials within the shop or on location and the general cleanliness of the facility. Typical tasks may include sweeping the shop, organizing the shop areas, cleaning tools, building set pieces along with the scenic carpenter and master carpenter, painting, and generally ensuring a safe working environment by keeping workspaces clear of obstructions or a buildup of sawdust that may pose a fire hazard. This person will also perform additional tasks as delegated by carpenters or other department crew. He or she is to adhere to all procedures established by the department head and may be required to wear a minimum of personal protection equipment and operate hand tools while on the job site.

Skills & Education
Employment as a carpenter’s assistant requires only a high school diploma, but advancement within the scenic department will require an advanced education. Training in stagecraft is most important to this career field and involves learning the construction techniques commonly used in entertainment production as well as the use of shop tools and construction materials. Additional courses in art history, drawing, sculpting, and computer drafting are valuable, but not required.

What to Expect
The role of the carpenter’s assistant is full-time (40 hours a week) at the scenic shop at La Comedia in Springboro, Ohio. Typical hours are from 830am – 530pm Monday – Friday. 2 weeks prior to each show opening up your schedule will switch to nights, but only for those 2 weeks. This happens 7 times a year and is to help prep the incoming show for a smooth “change out” with the outgoing show. This is not a glamorous job, but it is the standard entry-level gig for those looking to learn the trade of stagecraft and advance to the role of scenic carpenter. Consider this an apprenticeship that allows you the opportunity to seek mentorship under industry veterans in your chosen craft. Dedication and hard work displayed in the menial tasks of the assistant will prove to your employer that you have the necessary passion and drive to succeed at the next level on the crew. When you’re on the job, never complain; those whom you work for expect you to treat the job as a privilege and appreciate every trashcan you empty. It is all part of paying your dues. Never wait to be asked to help. The more proactive you are and the less supervision you require, the more trusted you would be to take on more responsibility.

For questions about the position, please call Kris Byerly at 937.746.4554 ext 241.


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