Cast Announced for CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN at RiverStage Community Theatre

RSCT_logo.jpgAfter our largest turn-out for auditions to-date (47 actors auditioned for us!) RiverStage Community Theatre of New Richmond is pleased as punch to announce their cast for this Fall’s CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN:

  • Mr. Gilbreth (Dad)….David Little
  • Mrs. Gilbreth (Mom)….Judy Littlefield
  • Anne Gilbreth….Lauren Wyatt
  • Ernestine Gilbreth….Annalyn Gauger
  • Martha Gilbreth….Ronja Frigard
  • Frank Gilbreth….Anthony DeGreen
  • Bill Gilbreth….Conor Johnson
  • Lillian Gilbreth….Mariah Rapp
  • Fred Gilbreth….Joshua Weber
  • Dan Gilbreth….Pike Gibson
  • Jackie Gilbreth….Caleb Gibson
  • Joe Scales….Amir Shackelford
  • Larry….Hunter Gilpin
  • Miss Brill….Eve Bronsink
  • Dr. Burton….Keith DeGreen
  • Mrs. Fitzgerald….¬†Susan Gerding

Congratulations, and break a leg!

Performances run Sept. 14-23. For more information click here.


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