FADEAWAY GIRL Presented by the 15th Annual Cincy Fringe Festival

presented by the 15th Annual Cincy Fringe Festival
at Gabriel’s Corner
June 5-9, 2018

CFF18_Fadeaway Girl promo

Rachel Petrie in FADEAWAY GIRL. Photo by Dan Norman.

This June at Gabriel’s Corner, the 15th Annual Cincy Fringe Festival presents FADEAWAY GIRL, an autobiographical story of one woman’s experience with mental illness, written and performed by Rachel Petrie and directed by Keely Wolter.

FADEAWAY GIRL is the true story of playwright/performer Rachel Petrie’s experience coming to terms with a bipolar diagnosis. From her very first manic episode in 2004 to present day, Rachel shares her personal stories of derailment, discovery, reinvention, and joy.

Who / The 15th Annual Cincy Fringe Festival


When / June 5-9, 2018


  • Tuesday, June 5th at 6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 7th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday, June 8th at 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 9th at 4:45 p.m.

Where / Gabriel’s Corner, 1425 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Tickets / https://knowtheatre.vbotickets.com/event/Fadeaway_Girl/27318

About the play and artists

A life changing diagnosis…
Another life changing diagnosis…
A mercurial story about allergic reactions, infatuation, The Matrix, uncharacteristic behavior, knitting, love, 2013, Russians, fluctuations in body weight, facial tissues, Coles Phillips, loss, lists, reality, perceived reality, suicide, 2004, Angelina Jolie, delusions of grandeur, acceptance, immaculate conception, true friends, online dating, and my mom.

FADEAWAY GIRL is the autobiographical story of how one woman comes to terms with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder not once, but twice. Through a narrative that is both personal and universal, Rachel sheds light on the still ever present stigma attached to mental illness. At times humorous, at times poignant, Fadeaway Girl is an amalgam of emotions, life experiences, and lessons learned. It’s a story of loss, determination, perseverance, and triumph.

From the writer/performer (Rachel Petrie)
I have been wanting to write a show about my experiences with mental health and mental illness for years. I believe that we all need to feel that it’s safe and acceptable to talk freely and openly about these subjects and that we need not be so afraid of them. Also, I’m a success story. I’m proof that a person can live with a bipolar diagnosis and be fine…more than fine, actually. It can be done. That’s why I believe it is an important story to tell.

About Rachel Petrie
Rachel Petrie is a performer, writer, and director who has been working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul theater scene since 2006. She has collaborated with many performance groups including: Four Humors (Member ’10-‘13); NTC; Bedlam Theatre; Mixed Precipitation; Live Action Set; Dangerous Productions; Mainly Me; Yellow Tree Theater; TRP; The Haunted Basement; Erin Sheppard; Ben San Del; and Raw Sugar. She has toured several original theatrical productions, both nationally and internationally, earning a Critic’s Pick Award (‘12) and a Producer’s Pick Award (‘10), both from the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, for Bombus & Berylline, or the Bumblebee & the Hummingbird and The Finkles’ Theater Show!!!, respectively.

From the director (Keely Wolter)
When Rachel asked me to direct FADEAWAY GIRL last summer, I was immediately excited to get started. Rachel and I have worked seamlessly and joyfully together in the past, and creating a comfortable dialogue around the issues of mental health and mental illness is something I’ve always felt is incredibly important. I knew that I could bring the humor and sensitivity that a piece like this deserves, and the result is a delightful, funny, and poignant portrayal of Rachel’s experience.

About Keely Wolter
Keely Wolter is a director, accent/dialect coach, and actor based in Minneapolis, MN. She holds an MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a BA in Theater Performance from Viterbo University. Keely has served as an accent coach for over 100 Twin Cities theater productions in the last 7 years. She has also performed with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in 2009 and most recently in her one woman show Stuff That Reminds Me of Other Things: A Walking Tour in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

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