ExTrashVaganza! Makes Its World Premiere at the 2018 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

CFF18_ExTrashVaganza Erika Kate MacDonald Paul Strickland Photo By Dan Winters

Erika MacDonald & Paul Strickland in ExTrashVaganza!. Photo by Dan Winters.

CINCINNATI, OHIO (April 24, 2018) Coming to the Cincinnati Fringe Festival this June is ExTrashVaganza!, a brand new 60-minute musical comedy for adults full of strange stories and even stranger puppets.

A single mannequin leg and a fedora become a pun-slinging noir detective. An accidentally broken lamp becomes the star of a sit-com parody about a couple who never meant to become parents.

Go ahead and leave the kids at home for this two-person variety show!

Paul Strickland and Erika Kate MacDonald, the winners of the past two Critics’ Picks of the Fringe Awards (2016 and 2017), have teamed up to make what they call a “strange-sational” musical puppet comedy.

Paul and Erika are local creators who actually moved to Cincinnati because of this city’s amazing creative opportunities – specifically, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, where they have been creating hit new shows for the last four years.

Paul and Erika’s Fringe shows have sold out every year that they have performed at the Cincy Fringe. Past shows: Balls of Yarns (2017), Ice Candle (2016), My Left Teeth (2016), Tales Too Tall for Trailers (2015), Papa Squat (2014), and Ain’t True & Uncle False (2013).

They tour their work professionally across the U.S. and Canada.

Theatre Mobile makes theatre. That moves around. Founded by Paul Strickland and Erika Kate MacDonald, Theatre Mobile aspires to scratch that itch for alternative, bare-bones, creativity-forward theatre in Cincinnati. Shows include ExTrashVaganza! and 13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene.”


Tickets can be purchased online at cincyfringe.com or at the Know Theatre Box Office.

Venue: Know Theatre, 1120 Jackson St. Cincinnati, OH

Show dates and times (60 minutes): Fri. 6/1 9pm; Sat. 6/2 7pm; Mon. 6/4 6:30pm;

Wed. 6/6 8:30pm; Sat. 6/9 2:45pm.

Tickets: $15 | Multi-show passes available

Rating: Parental Guidance (13+)

Festival dates May 29 – June 10, 2018.  For info about Cincy Fringe visit cincyfringe.com.


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