Auditions for Sketch Comedy Show at The Company

TCO_logoThe Company’s next sketch show will be May 12th, and will be directed by Company co-founder Brandon Dunphy! This will be a joint-show with our friends at the Improv Cincinnati. (Check ’em out here: So now we just need some sketches, and some performers.

This Sunday, April 15th, we’ll be having a combination final pitch meeting and auditions to determine what scripts we’ll be doing, and the funny people who will be performing them. We’ll be gathering from 3:30-4:30pm, in the meeting room at St. Bernard Library (10 McClelland Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45217), and anyone who is interested is welcome!

Anyone interested in performing must come to these auditions. Actors will be asked to perform cold readings from selected sketches. Headshots/resumes are not necessary. There will be 6 total rehearsals before the final performance.  Exact Rehearsal dates will be determined based upon everyone’s availability.  We will have 3 rehearsals the week of April 17th through April 23rd.  Then 3 more the week before the show (May 6th through the 12th).  (There will be no rehearsals from April 25th through May 5th due to the director being unavailable.)

(NOTE: Questions on auditions, please email Brandon via

All sketches that wish to be featured in the performance must be presented at this meeting. Sketches are not required to have been read/presented previously, and submissions are open to anyone. Each author must bring enough printed copies of their sketches to be table-read. (Please be sure to bring an extra copy for the reading of stage directions and notes.) Sketches will be voted on by those present at pitch meeting, and the results of this poll will be used as a starting point for the selection of sketches. However, final selection of sketches for the performance will be determined by the director and creative team for this performance.


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