Casting Call for Strong Brothers Films 2018 Entry in the 48 FILM PROJECT

MISC_48 Hour Film Project logoStrong Brothers Films 2017 Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project winners of best special effects, costumes & make up, and 3rd place best overall film!

Open Call to All Cincinnati Actors!

We are Strong Brothers Films and have a team participating in the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project ( Want to have some fun?

The project contest runs from June 2nd—3rd, 2018. Teams pull 1 of 30 genres, Comedy, Drama, Horror, etc. from a hat at 6:00 pm EDT Friday June 1st and must turn in a 7-minute film by 6:00 pm EDT Sunday June 3rd. We plan on all filming occurring Saturday June 2nd, 2018.

We had a wonderful time with all of the actors we met on Behind The Curtain who participated in the 2017 48 Hr. Film Project with us.

  • **Actors cannot be paid per contest rules**
  • The shoot will be catered and have water/pop, etc. all day.
  • We are professionals and want to have a fun, productive experience.
  • This project is highly visible with a movie theater screening before an audience of hundreds of local people, including other local filmmakers who may want you for projects after the contest.
  • Many films end up on Youtube, etc.
  • There is a chance to win state, nationals, etc. which improves your visibility as an actor
  • We do not know what genre we will draw
  • So we don’t know what the location is other than in the Cincinnati metropolitan area.
  • We currently don’t know what the role is but there will not be anything untoward such as nudity, excessive expletives, general weirdness (e.g., not a Tarantino movie).
  • You DO NOT need to be a professional actor, just have acting experience even if it is just schooling.
  • You MUST be available all day and evening Saturday June 2nd, 2018.
  • Even if you have availability and commit you MAY NOT BE SELECTED based upon the genre we draw (e.g., a coming of age movie with teens can’t have too many middle-aged people). You may still be able to participate in other ways if you like.
  • DVDs of the finished 7 minute film are available upon request.

Contact us at to sign up!


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