Auditions Announced for THE FOREGINER at Lebanon Theatre Company

LTC_logoMon & Tue, March 19 & 20 at 7pm

Lebanon Theatre Company
10 S Mechanic St
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Produced by Dawn Stone
Directed by Wayne Dunn

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play, and we welcome auditioners of all experience levels!

The story takes place in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia where two Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive as guests. The shy Charlie agreed to accompany Froggy on the trip after his sick wife begged him to go. When people at the lodge try to talk to Charlie, however, he remains silent: he is terribly shy, depressed about his wife’s illness, and cannot find the words to reply. Froggy claims that Charlie cannot talk because he is a “foreigner” from an exotic country, and does not understand English. Taking the explanation that he’s a non-English speaker as fact, the lodge’s guests quickly begin revealing their secrets, and Charlie soon discovers scandals amongst some of the residents of the lodge.


  • Charlie Baker – a meek proofreader for a science fiction magazine; he has a merrily adulterous wife whom he loves. He is witty and funny while also very smart. He is extremely shy but living at the lodge and being in contact with such wonderful people, Charlie soon comes out of his shell and eventually finds himself the center of attention as the hero.

  • S/Sgt. “Froggy” LeSueur – a cheerful British Army man who teaches the use of explosives

  • Betty Meeks – an elderly widow who owns a resort lodge and mothers her guests. She has a fun, sarcastic nature, but she is very nurturing to all who come in contact with her. She is a hard worker, and her weak body carries all of the work she has done throughout the years.

  • Rev. David Marshall Lee – engaged to Catherine and, “it would appear, a good young man to have on our side”.[3] He comes in and out of the play and always seems like a charmer when the ladies are around. When it is just him alone with Charlie however, he begins to show his true colors.

  • Catherine Simms – a pretty heiress going through an emotional time. She is kind and caring towards Ellard and quickly shows Charlie the same attention.

  • Ellard Simms – Catherine’s dim-witted brother, heir to half the family money if Catherine decides he is “smart enough to handle it”. He is a kind, gentle hearted man but no one really gives him the time of day until Charlie comes into the picture. Charlie not only helps Ellard become more in tune with really how bright he is, but is also taught by Ellard what it means to be patient and lighthearted.

  • Owen Musser – a superstitious, dangerous racist man that lives in town.

  • Various Townspeople

Performances will be May 18-20 and 25-27.


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