Auditions Announced for PARADE at CenterStage Players

CSPOH_logoAuditions for Centerstage Players’ Production of PARADE

March 18th 5-8PM & 20th 6:30-9PM

Auditions will be held off site at The Arts Center at Dunham as our rehearsal/performance space, Lockland High School, will be in use at that time.

Dunham Arts Center
1945 Dunham Way, Cincinnati, OH 45238
To sign up for an audition slot via Signup Genius:

Call Backs (if needed): March 21st
Production Dates: Late September 2018

Rehearsal/Performance Location:
Lockland High School
249 W Forrer, Cincinnati, OH 45215
Rehearsals will begin in mid July, 3 days per week from 7-9 PM dependant on cast availability.

Book by Alfred Uhry
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Co-Conceived by Harold Prince
Based on the true story of the trial
and lynching of Leo M. Frank

Director: Amanda Borchers
Music Director: Allen Lindsey
Producer: Fred Hunt
Choreographer: Garrett Klaas

About the show:
The tragic, true story of the trial and lynching of a man wrongly accused of murder is brought to theatrical life. Amid religious intolerance, political injustice and racial tension, the stirring TONY Award winning PARADE explores the endurance of love and hope against all the odds. In 1913, Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jew living in Georgia, is put on trial for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, a factory worker under his employ. Already guilty in the eyes of everyone around him, a sensationalist publisher and a janitor’s false testimony seal Leo’s fate. His only defenders are a governor with a conscience, and, eventually, his assimilated Southern wife who finds the strength and love to become his greatest champion.


  • Please prepare 32 measures of a ballad or up tempo musical theater piece.
  • An accompanist will be provided, please provide music in the appropriate key with your cut noted.
  • Please no acapella auditions or CDs.
  • You may be asked to perform a
    cold read from the script.
  • Callbacks will only be used if necessary.

General Statement about casting and production:

  • This show is capable of being performed with 13-15 people playing multiple roles. We could cast upwards of 20+.
  • Parade has a complex score and requires a great deal of singing by many of the roles. This is a great opportunity for the “musical theatre serious minded.”
  • Teens that want to audition must be at least 13 years old as this musical deals with mature content.



  • Leo Frank: (Bari-Tenor, Low G-High G) Late 20s/Early 30s, lead role. Northern Jewish man who runs the National Pencil Factory and is falsely accused of the rape and murder of Mary Phagan
  • Jim Conley: (Tenor, Low D-High Bb) 20s. African-American janitor who works for Leo at the National Pencil Factory. A drunk and a convicted felon, as well as a master manipulator.
  • Britt Craig: (Tenor, Low D-High A) 20s/30s. Down-on-his luck newspaper man, whose career is revived by the Leo Frank trial.
  • Tom Watson: (Baritone/Bass) 30s/40s. Conservative politician and publisher, who helps to spur on the witch-hunt for Leo Frank.
  • Frankie Epps: (Tenor, Low Bb-High Ab) Teens. Mary’s friend and love interest.
  • Governor Jack Slaton: (Bari-Tenor, Low C-High G) 30s/40s. Governor of Georgia who pardons Leo Frank.
  • Hugh Dorsey: (Bari-Bass) 30s/40s. Prosecutor in the Leo Frank case, desperate for a conviction.
  • Newt Lee: (Bass, Low Bb-C) 40s/50s. African-American night watchman at the National Pencil Factory. Finds Mary Phagan’s body.
  • Judge Roan: (Bass, Low Bb-D) 50s/60s. Judge in the Leo Frank Case.
  • Luther Rosser: (Any voice part) 30s/40s/50s. Leo Frank’s lawyer, comes off as a blithering idiot.
  • Fiddlin’ John Carson: (Tenor, G-High A) 20s. First recorded country singer, who wrote popular songs about the Leo Frank Trial.
  • Young Soldier: (Tenor, Low D-High F [High A in falsetto]) Teens/20s. Young confederate soldier.
  • Old Soldier: (Bari-Tenor, Low C-High G) 50s/60s. Old man who was formerly the young confederate soldier.
  • Riley: (Baritone) 20s. African-American servant.
  • J.N. Starnes: (Any voice part). 20s/30s/40s. Police officer assigned to the case.
  • Officer Ivey: (Any voice part). 20s/30s/40s. Police officer assigned to the case.
  • Prison Guard: (Any voice part). 20s/30s/40s. Guards Leo Frank’s cell in Fulton.
  • Floyd McDaniel: (Any voice part). 20s/30s/40s. Local bartender, Irish.
  • Mr. Peavy: (Any voice part). 20s/30s/40s. Guards Leo Frank’s cell in Milledgeville.


  • Lucille Frank: (Mezzo, Low A-D) 20s. Leo’s wife.
  • Mary Phagan: (Mezzo, D-D) 14. Young girl who is killed at the National Pencil Factory.
  • Mrs. Phagan: (Alto, Low F#-Bb*) 30s/40s. Mary’s mother.
  • Iola Stover: (Soprano, D-F) Teens. Friend of Mary and Frankie, who testifies against Frank.
  • Monteen: (Mezzo, Eb-Eb) Teens. Friend of Mary and Frankie, who testifies against Frank.
  • Essie: (Mezzo, Eb-Eb) Teens. Friend of Mary and Frankie, who testifies against Frank.
  • Lizzie Phagan: (Soprano) 30s/40s. Mary’s Aunt
  • Angela: (Mezzo) 20s. African-American servant.
  • Sally Slaton: (Any voice part) 20s/30s. Wife of Governor Slaton.

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