Casting Call for Film CANDLES TO GUNFIRE

MISC_Casting call2To whom it may concern:

The film is the story of the 1989 revolution in Romania.  Specifically, the man who lit candles in front of the pastor’s house before the pastor was taken into exile.

I am looking for actors who are willing to play religious characters.  The film can loosely be considered a musical, however, a dancing ability is not required.  If you would like to play one of the two lead roles, you must be willing to learn to waltz. I will also request that you record yourself singing “I Love You Lord” (artist: Latria). Due to the region in which the story takes place, an eastern European accent (NOT BRITISH) is preferred, however, please don’t try it with an English accent.  If you are unable to use an eastern European accent, your native accent will work just fine.

With that, I would like to see you act out a scene in some kind of character or a segment of a show you’ve been in.  I suspect that no shows have the song I want in them, so you may need to record that in front of a camera.

The quality of the camera doesn’t matter as long as I can tell that it’s you and not someone else making the sound. Your phone will work just fine.

Unfortunately, as this is a low budget film, I will not be able to pay actors much.  If at all.  The release is set for Christmas of 2019 with the premier (for the cast, crew, and their families) being on the 23rd of December, 2019.

If you are interested, please Email me any questions or your audition tape at  I will not be holding any sort of open auditions as I find those to be misleading as to the extent of an actors skill on camera.

Follow the Project on Twitter @daretobedan

Brian Feezle


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