Storytellers Needed for trueSONG at trueTHEATRE

TRUE_logoBe a part of Cincinnati’s longest storytelling event…

Season 8, show 2, trueSONG, is coming up, and we have just entered our “Story Gathering” phase. That is when we try to find as many stories that would be appropriate for the show, before choosing the 5 that we will feature. What makes a story “appropriate for the show”? Well…

  • It’s true.
  • It’s yours.
  • It’s on theme.

Storytellers chosen will ultimately be expected to deliver their story before an audience at trueSONG (Monday, January 22, 7:30-9:30 PM at Memorial Hall) in 10-15 minutes, without notes. Prior to that, they will participate in 1 – 3 rehearsals (about 1 hour each), at which they will tell their story and receive feedback. Also, the night before the show is a dress rehearsal (of sorts) at which all the storytellers come together over dinner and share their stories with the assembled group.

…but it all starts with finding the 5 stories. Will one of them be yours? If you have a story about a song that has played a role in your life, it may well be!

Whether you have a story that you feel might be appropriate for trueSONG or one of our other shows this season — trueBASEBALL (April 30) or trueBLUE(July 23), — or if you just have a story you think we need to hear, write us at stories<AT>truetheatre<DOT>com or visit our Contact page on our website and let us hear from you… as soon as possible.

We will entertain all submissions, but remember that only 5 will be chosen for the show.

You know you have a story to tell. We have the stage on which to tell it on and the audience to listen. What are you waiting for?


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