CHILDREN OF EDEN Runs Nov. 30-Dec. 3

GHCT_Children of Eden logoCHILDREN OF EDEN
Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre
Nov. 30-Dec. 3
Parrish Auditorium [Hamilton]

Directed by Sue Combs
Produced by Teresa Bayer Iltzsch, Lyndall Murray & Marijo Farley

Cast: Chris Beiser as Father, Sam Downs as Adam, Libby Wolf as Eve, Seth Wagner as Cain, Dylan Turner as Abel, David Eschenbrenner as Snake, Jason Lakes as Noah, Angela Allen-Crum as Mama, Kait White as Yonah, Zac Holman as Shem, Jamie Binegar as Aphra, Nicholas Brown as Ham & Hannah Brown as Aysha
Storytellers: Samantha Fletcher, Marijo Farley, Samantha DiTullio, Ciarra Craft, Cindy Miller, Kayla Kinder, Teresa Bayer-Iltzsch, Amanda Toth, Jane Winkler, Barb Winkler, Emma Brown, Chelsea Megan Smith, Dani Jones, Susan Hendrickson, Abby Brown, Betsy Phillips, Clancey Butts, Trey Moore, Dan Schindler, Kevin Rife, Sam Horton & Jim Ward
Children: Ben Brown, Ava Hartmann, Elise Hartmann, Brady Knox, Maura Brown, Aurelia Dolive, Jacob Spangenberg, Lily Wolf, Samantha Hacker, Nykayla Stephens, Sarah Wolf, Cara Schulkers, Anna Reed, Gabrielle Bayer, Emma Bowers, Grace Corer, Hannah Lakesk, Riley Sharp, Savannah Pruitt, Kaylee Pearson & Kaylee Shannon

A musical based on the Bible book of Genesis, telling the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah and the flood.

  • Thu-Sat, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 at 8pm
  • Sun, Dec. 3 at 2pm

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