Seeking Talent for Training Video Production

MU_logoThe Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami U. in Oxford is filming two short training videos to be used with nursing home staff.  Both videos will be posted on web pages and probably YouTube.  We have a small budget to pay some actors and actresses a bit for their time.  We have scheduled filming the week of September 25 and may have a rehearsal time on the 24th.  One day that week will likely be plenty for filming depending on your character. Some of the actors are in only one video, others are in both. Some of the characters have already been created in a whiteboard video which is why are looking for particular types.

We’re looking for:

  • 2 men—–late 20s to 60s. One activity director, one nutritionist. Each role is very small.
  • African-American male.  Family member of nursing home resident in one video, nurse in the other.
  • African-American female.  Stage age 70-85 (nursing home resident age).  One video.
  • Asian female–late 20s to 60s.  Both videos.

Contact Jane Straker, Scripps Gerontology Center ( or 513.529.5949) for more information or to apply.

A note or e-mail with a bit about your experience and a head shot would be helpful.


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