Auditions Announced for LITTLE WOMEN The Musical at Dare to Defy Productions

D2D_logoSat, Sept. 16 from 1:30-4:30pm
Call backs will be later the same day.  Tentatively: 6:30pm

This show will begin rehearsals at the end of October and perform at the Mathile Theater (in the Schuster Center) on December 1st, December 2nd (two shows) and December 8th, and December 9th (two shows).

Please prepare a 1 minute memorized monologue and 32 bars of music.  Have a contrasting piece of music prepared as well! Please, bring a recent headshot and resume.

All positions are paid non-equity contract positions.

Auditions will take place at 427 C Washington St Dayton, OH 45402 – There is a big yellow sign on the street that says Warehouse Space for Sale or Lease and that is where you will turn. It is the third warehouse building on the right with the river on your left.

You can sign up for an audition slot here.


  • Jo (Lead): Female, 16-25
    Apassionate young woman; the story centers around her life, from the Christmas when everything started, to the writing of “Little Women” and her engagement to Professor Bhaer; second oldest sister, moderate dancing, strong singer, driving presence of the show; range E3-A5.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Meg (Lead): Female, 18-30
    The eldest sister; she yearns for a great life; she marries John Brooke; moderate dancing, strong singer, able to hold harmonies; also plays Clarissa in the Operatic Tragedy; range A#3-Gb5.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Amy (Lead): Female, 8-22
    The youngest sister, with a rather pompous manner, and via that, she rides into society; she marries Laurie; strong singer, able to hold harmonies; also plays The Troll in the Operatic Tragedy; range Cb4-Gb5; casting personnel are also interested in auditioning possible Young Amy actresses.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Beth (Lead): Female, 15-20
    The second youngest sister; she is a peacemaker, and always sees the good in everyone; moderate dancing, strong singer, able to hold harmonies; also plays Rodrigo in the Operatic Tragedy; range A3-G5.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Laurie (Theodore Lawrence III) (Supporting): Male, 16-25
    The boy-next-door that is the same age as Jo; he befriends Jo but is rejected when he proposes; he later bonds with Amy; strong singer, tenor; also plays Rodrigo in the Operatic Tragedy; range Bb2-Bb4.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Marmee (Supporting): Female, 40-55
    The strong mother; she is the backbone of the March family who raises her daughters while their father is at war; strong singer; also plays The Hag in the Operatic Tragedy; range Eb3-Eb5.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Aunt March (Supporting): Female, 60-80
    A formidable, overbearing matron and the great-aunt of the March sisters; she is very rich and cares greatly about society; also plays Mrs. Kirk, the matron of a boarding house in New York City; range E3-F5.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Mr. Laurence (Supporting): Male, 55-70
    Laurie’s grandfather; he is a stiff and stern elderly man, but he eventually shows his softer side; also plays The Knight in the Operatic Tragedy; baritone.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
  • Professor Bhaer (Supporting): Male, 35-50
    A German professor who is quite proper; he is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk’s boarding house; he then falls in love with Jo; strong singer; high baritone; range G2-F#4.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
    John Brooke (Supporting): Male, 25-30
    Laurie’s tutor, a rather stiff man, but capable of showing emotion; he marries Meg; strong singer, must be able to hold harmonies, baritone; also plays Braxton in the Operatic Tragedy; range C#3-F#4.
    Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

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