“Drinking Together Feels Right!” is LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL’s Creed

WAP_Last Call for Alcohol promo

Ali Delianides, Phineas Clark, Chance Kilgour, Shana McCoy & Amanda Teemley. Photo by Nick Hiance.


JULY 17TH , 2017 – BELLEVUE, KY- LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL is a sketch comedy interactive drinking game show, which juggles comedic sketches depicting the drinking culture and people who inhabit it. Whether it’s a tale of a serious relationship, exclusively being told through Karaoke, or some gals out for a “ladies night,” who are tired of having “girly drinks,” bought for them, when all they want is a nice cold beer. You’ll surely chuckle as you recognize some relate-able situations and characters, that you’ve rubbed elbows with, while having a drink.

Throughout the night, audience members will be invited to play along in games like Neighborhoods, where they will be tested to see how well they know the tri-state area. Other classic games like, Would You Rather, and Name that Tune, will have the audience laughing and singing together.

LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL runs at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays at Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky. Patrons must be 21+.

TITLE: LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL: A Sketch Comedy Interactive Drinking Game Show”
GENRE: Sketch Comedy
OPENS: Friday, August 11TH, 2017
RUNS: Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm
CLOSES: Saturday, September 16TH
RUNTIME: 80 min.
WEBSITE: www.weAREproductions.org
TICKETS: $15 (price of admission includes one beer)
DIRECTOR: Ricky W. Glore
PRODUCERS: weAREproductions, Darkness Brewing
HEAD WRITER: Ricky W. Glore
CAST/WRITERS: Phineas Clark, Ali Delianides, Chance Kilgour, Shana McCoy, Amanda Teemley

For the last three years, weAREproductions has been establishing a special brand of theatre. They brought the hits Fleetwood Macbeth, A Nightmare on Backstreet: A Boy Band Musical Parody, Maul Santa, Babysitter Massacre ’78: The Musical, Dating Incorporated, Smokey and the Bandit: The Musical, and BATES: An 80’s Psycho Musical Parody, in Chicago. A Nightmare on Backstreet received its first university run in the Fall of 2015, as well as an outdoor amphitheater run in Somerset, Kentucky, in the Fall of 2016.

This is weAREproductions first scheduled Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati production, since relocating to the area in the summer of 2017.

Since opening in 2016, our goal from the beginning was to be a local neighborhood brewery…so we were very picky when it came time to choose the location for our brewery and taproom. Bellevue was the perfect fit with its very active and energetic feel and its historic charm. When we saw how active the city was within the Art community, we knew it was where we wanted to be. Our plan to show local artist’s work as well as host original live music was a perfect fit for the already established art scene. City officials and local residents alike have welcomed us in way I feel no other city would have.

224 Fairfield Ave.
Bellevue, KY 41073
PHONE #: 859-815-8735
For tickets visit: lastcallforalcohol.brownpapertickets.com
Tickets may also be purchased at the door.



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