Auditions Announced for A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE at Falcon Theatre

FT_logoAudition Details:

  • Dates: October 9 & 10, 2017
  • Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Location: Falcon Theatre, 636 Monmouth St., Newport
  • Preparation: Be prepared to cold read from the script.  Also bring a prepared 60-90 second Tennssee Williams monologue.
  • Bring a headshot and resume if available.
  • No appointments necessary
  • Questions: Contact the director, Nate Netzley, at or Falcon Theatre at 513-479-6783
  • Production Dates:  March 16-31, 2018


Looking to cast actors from all backgrounds and demographics

  • Blanche Dubois (35-45): Born into wealth and privilege, a charming woman who has kept a few secrets to keep afloat in a changing world. Has a sense of mores and norms that often clash with Stanley’s behaviors and worldview.
  • Stanley Kowalski (25-35): A man in the peak of his physical prime who sees the world in black and white. He is protective of what he sees as his. He does not take kindly to being looked down upon. There is very little that stops Stanley from getting what he wants.
  • Stella Kowalski (23-30): Blanche’s younger sister and Stanley’s wife. Is able to easily switch between Stanley and Blanche’s worlds. Her passionate desire for Stanley and her devotion to Blanche generate the conflict at the center of the play.
  • Harold “Mitch” Mitchell (25-35): Stanley’s coworker, friend, and former brother in arms.  Large and imposing, in the range of 6′ and 200 lbs, his size betrays a gentle soul who wants do right by his mother at all costs. Not as outspoken as his poker buddies, but can hold his own if he has to.
  • Eunice Hubbell (Late 20s to 40s): Neighbor to the Kowalskis and owner of the building in which the play takes place.
  • Steve Hubbell (30s to 40s): Husband to Eunice, one of Stanley’s poker buddies. Crude with his friends and abusive towards his wife
  • Pablo Gonzales (20s to 30s): One of Stanley’s poker buddies
  • Woman ***Technically Negro Woman but lets leave the dated term at the door*** (30s to 40s): Neighbor to the Hubbells and Kowalskis
  • Flower Peddler ***Technically Mexican Woman but see above*** (20s to 50s): A woman selling flowers for the dead near the end of Blanche’s time at Elysian Fields
  • A Young Collector (15-19): A teenage boy collecting for the paper from Blanche but gets more than he bargained for
  • Doctor (30s to 50s): A doctor charged with bringing Blanche into a more comfortable home
  • Nurse (20s to 50s): A nurse aiding the Doctor. Has a physically imposing quality

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