CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 10

Three more shows (#25-27) on the agenda tonight.

CFF_White PriviledgeFirst up is WHITE PRIVILEGE from new local participant Mad Prophet of Doom, starring Jim Hopkins and directed by Torie Wiggins:

WHITE PRIVILEGE tells the story of a middle-age white man and what it took to finally wake him from his privileged slumber. A hard humorous look at racial bias, and the uncomfortable conversation that White America needs to start having with itself.

CFF_8x10Also a new participant, the Solitary Project out of Brooklyn, NY offers 8 x 10:

Imagine you’re locked inside an 8”x10” room for 23 hours a day. You’re allowed to exercise for one hour a day in a small chain-link cage. You haven’t touched another person in decades. You don’t know when you’re getting out. This is the reality of solitary confinement in the U.S. An intimate and harrowing experience, 8×10 tells the story of one man’s path to solitary, and illuminates his fight against the invisibility he experiences there.

CFF_Velveteen RabbitFinally I am headed to VELVETEEN: OR HOW TO BE REAL, the third offering from Thought Plane Theatre of Manchester UK:

Welcome to our variety show of reality, where we guide you through the struggle of adulting and help you discover how to be real. Presenting our most successful candidate at becoming real, the Velveteen Rabbit, we will take you through the most difficult challenges of realness. A piece of interactive devised theatre, based on the children’s book, “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams, we interrogate our obsession with the authentic self.

Previous entries by the duo include AND ALL THE REST IS JUNK MAIL (2013) and PREFER NOT TO SAY (2015).



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