CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 9

Back to the three show track tonight. On the agenda are:

CFF_Romeo + Juliet + AnybodysFrom New York City, new participant The Functional Shoes brings their rock musical ROMEO + JULIET + ANYBODYS to Know Theatre.

She’s a loudmouth rascal with a wicked roundhouse kick. She puts the POW in Girl Power. And she could save those two dumb lovebirds—if somebody would just listen! Ladies and Gentlemen, the musical character you love to forget: Anybodys! Featuring original grunge folk music, this play will make you wanna laugh, squirm, dance, and burn the patriarchy to the ground.

CFF_Zelda and Haldey_1x1Next it’s local new participant E Cubed Productions with ZELDA AND HADLEY: TOGETHER AT LAST,

ZELDA AND HADLEY: TOGETHER AT LAST – the entirely fictional, absolutely true story of what happens when F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway’s wives have had enough of their husbands’ philandering ways and get even using a radio drama. To begin, the audience decides which literary masterpiece to tackle. The ladies then improve that story by playing all the characters, creating all the sound effects, and reminding the audience that “hell hath no fury…” Also, there’s gin.

Written and directed by Eileen Elizabeth Earnest, the cast features Elizabeth Chinn Molloy as Hadley Richardson & Alison Rampa as Zelda Fitzgerald.

CFF_vapers at the GateReturning for their fifth Fringe appearance, local group Burying Beetles closes out my night with VAPERS AT THE GATE:

Three people: a survivalist, an artist and a Silicon Valley bro – hunted refugees blown out of their comfortable lives by a universal catastophe. Hopeless, exhausted, they meet a “coyote” – a guerilla fighter with fashion sense who will take them to the New World only if they expose their true selves through Native ritual and Hollywood trivia: Ultimate Vetting at the end of the world.

Written by John Ray and directed by Daniel Winters, the cast includes Mafer Del Real, Daniel Britt, Kearston Hawkins-Johnson, Olaf Eide, Gabriela Medina, Aiden Dalton, Zoe Cotzias & John Ray.

Shows 22-24 here I come…

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