Actors Needed for Strong Brothers Films’ Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project Entry

MISC_48 Hour Film Project logoOpen Call to All Cincinnati Actors!

We are Strong Brothers Films and have a team participating in the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project ( Want to have some fun?

The project contest runs from July 21-23, 2017. Teams pull 1 of 30 genres, Comedy, Drama, Horror, etc. from a hat at 6:00 pm EDT Friday July 21 and must turn in a 7-minute film by 6:00 pm EDT Sunday July 23. We plan on all filming occurring Saturday July 22, 2017.

We had a wonderful time with all of the actors we met on Behind The Curtain who participated in the 2016 48 Hr. Film Project with us. They also praised our collective effort saying that they had fun. Here’s a link to our 2016 entry, “Abaddon.

**Actors cannot be paid per contest rules**

  • The shoot will be catered and have water/pop, etc. all day
  • We are professionals and want to have a fun, productive experience
  • This project is highly visible with a movie theater screening before an audience of hundreds of local people, including other local filmmakers who may want you for projects after the contest.
  • Many films end up on Youtube, etc.
  • There is a chance to win state, nationals, etc. which improves your visibility as an actor
  • We do not know what genre we will draw
  • So we don’t know what the location is other than in the Cincinnati metropolitan area.
  • We currently don’t know what the role is but there will not be anything untoward such as nudity, excessive expletives, general weirdness (e.g., not a Tarantino movie).
  • You DO NOT need to be a professional actor, just have acting experience even if it is just schooling.
  • You MUST be available all day and evening Saturday July 22, 2017.
  • Even if you have availability and commit you MAY NOT BE SELECTED based upon the genre we draw (e.g., a coming of age movie with teens can’t have too many middle-aged people). You may still be able to participate in other ways if you like.
  • DVDs of the finished 7 minute film are available upon request.

Contact us at, or to sign up.


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