Cast Announced for INSPECTING CAROL at The Drama Workshop

TDW_VERTWe had a lot of very talented people come to the auditions for TDW’s upcoming production of INSPECTING CAROL over the two days. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

As a director, it’s a good problem to have, as it allows for creation of a better ensemble. On the flip side, talented people who are friends or people with whom I’d like to work are going to end up not being cast, because there are only so many roles. For INSPECTING CAROL, we literally could have cast the show twice, and had excellent casts in both shows.

After determining if somebody *could* be cast or not, the casting process becomes not so much about any individual within a show, but how everybody fits together. Individual talent, once it reaches a certain level, is not as big a factor as the ensemble capabilities. We saw a lot of very good auditions, and they made our choices very tough.

With that, I’m pleased to announce the cast for TDW’s December 2017 production of INSPECTING CAROL:

MJ McMann – Kristy Rucker
Wayne Wellacre – Cameron James Baker
Zorah Bloch – Jody Hart
Sidney Carlton – Dennis Murphy
Dorothy Tree-Hapgood – Carolmarie Stock
Phil Hewlitt – BJ Simpson
Luther Beatty – Joe Hamzy
Walter Parsons – Ivory Mazur
Kevin Emory – Doug Tumeo
Bart Frances – Rick Hunt
Larry Vauxhall – Bill Keeton
Betty Andrews – Amy Sullivan

I cannot wait to see what these people do when we put them all together!
Ray Persing


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