Auditions Announced for PROOF at Bare Boards Theatre Company

BBTC_logoApril 9 & 10 at 7:00pm
Auditions will be held at Wilmington High School, 300 Richardson Pl, Wilmington, OH 45177 onstage in the WHS Auditeria.

You only need to attend ONE of the auditions, but if you are available and interested, we encourage you to come to both auditions. If you CANNOT attend EITHER audition, please email me at to schedule an audition.


  • You should familiarize yourself with the play and its characters, but there is nothing specifically to prepare.
  • At the auditions you will read cuttings from the script and participate in improv exercises.

Rehearsals will typically run Sundays through Thursdays from 7:00-9:30pm. You will only need to attend rehearsals for scenes in which your character is present. Once the show is cast, a schedule will be created based on the availability of all cast members. Please bring to the auditions a list of conflicts that would prohibit you from rehearsing in the evenings (Sun.-Thurs.) from April 12-May 17.

May 18-20 at 7:30pm & May 21 at 2:30pm
Performances will be held at Kava Haus in Wilmington, Ohio.

PROOF BY DAVID AUBURN Winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best Play.
On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Catherine, a troubled young woman, has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, a famous mathematician. Now, following his death, she must deal with her own volatile emotions; the arrival of her estranged sister, Claire; and the attentions of Hal, a former student of her father’s who hopes to find valuable work in the 103 notebooks that her father left behind. Over the long weekend that follows, a burgeoning romance and the discovery of a mysterious notebook draw Catherine into the most difficult problem of all: How much of her father’s madness—or genius—will she inherit?


  • CATHERINE: A brilliant twenty-something mathematician who abandoned her life and education to care for her father during his illness. She is fragile, but not delicate; mistrustful, cynical, and lonely, she struggles to reach out to others. Catherine is a young woman who inherited at least some of her father’s mathematical genius, and, she fears, his “instability” as well.
  • ROBERT: Catherine and Claire’s father; tough but encouraging, loving, earnest, and sometimes stubborn. Robert is a mathematician who did brilliant, breakthrough work in his youth, but his later years were plagued by delusional mental illness. He is seen in Catherine’s imagination and in flashbacks.
  • CLAIRE: Catherine’s older sister. She left Catherine and Robert behind to make a new life for herself in New York City. She is pragmatic, successful, and polished; she can be patronizing and controlling, but at heart, she is trying to protect the people she loves.
  • HAL: One of Robert’s last Ph.D. students during the one year his mentor’s illness went into remission. He visits to look through Robert’s notebooks to see if there is anything notable in them. Hal is an enthusiastic, dedicated, but unexceptional mathematician. He is charming, affable, and nerdy-cool.

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