Auditions Announced for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM at The Drama Workshop

TDW_VERTThe Drama Workshop announces auditions for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM.

Sunday, March 26 & Tuesday, March 28, 7-10 pm at The Glenmore Playhouse.

Sign up times are required- go to the link below to sign up for an audition time.

Director – Dennis Murphy
Vocal Director – Linda Abbott
Producer – Gretchen Gantner

The performance dates are August 11 – 27, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Sundays at 2:00 PM. Thursdays, August 17 and 24. **Additional performance dates may be added.

Auditioners are asked to prepare 32 bars from a musical song and come prepared to dance and read from the script.

All roles are available.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM is a fast-paced farce which combines elements of commedia dell arte, vaudeville and musical comedy into a show that is guaranteed to have audiences rolling in the aisles. Taken straight from the roots of comedy, FORUM combines the characters from the comedies of Plautus with a modern, vaudeville-inspired sensibility.

In FORUM, the slave Pseudolus schemes to win the heart (and body) of the beautiful virgin courtesan Philia for his young master, Hero. In exchange, Hero will grant Pseudolus his heart’s desire: freedom. However, things are never as easy as they seem. Philia is promised to a vain, swaggering solider named Miles Glorious and he’s on his way to claim her. Chaos ensues with hair-brained schemes, cases of mistaken identity, slamming doors and convoluted plot twists. One of the funniest musicals ever written, FORUM boasts a happy, toe tapping score and promises: “something for everyone: a comedy tonight!”


  • Senex: An older man, but one still attracted to wine, women, and song, Senex is the perennially henpecked husband. Baritone.

  • Domina: The battle-ax wife of Senex, Domina is a domineering, but loving, wife and mother out to catch her husband misbehaving. Mezzo-Soprano.

  • Hero: The handsome son of Senex and Domina, Hero is a lovesick young man who schemes with Pseudolus how he can win the hand (and body) of Philia. Tenor.

  • Philia: Beautiful, yet dumb, Philia is a virgin courtesan-in-training, already contracted to be sold to Miles Gloriosus, but falls in love with Hero. Soprano.

  • Hysterium: A slave of Senex and Domina, Hysterium is perennially frantic and frenetic. Pseudolus cons him into helping him with his many schemes. Baritone.

  • Prologus/Pseudolus: Hero’s personal slave, Pseudolus is sly, conniving, and willing to do anything for his freedom. It is this desire that fuels the action of the play. Baritone.

  • Marcus Lycus: The owner of the brothel, Lycus is the charmingly slimy procurer of courtesans. Baritone.

  • Tintinabula: One of Lycus’s courtesans, Tintinabula has “the face of an idol . . . the arms of a willow tree . . . and the pelvis of a camel.” Solo Dancer. Some singing required.

  • Panacea: Another of Lycus’s courtesans, Panacea has “a face that holds a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise.” Solo Dancer. Some singing required.

  • The Geminae: Twin courtesans, the Geminae are, according to Lycus: “A matched pair. Either one a divinely assembled woman, together an infinite number of mathematical possibilities.” Solo Dancers. Some singing required.

  • Vibrata: Another of Lycus’s courtesans, Vibrata is “exotic as a desert bloom . . . wondrous as a flamingo . . . lithe as a tigress . . . for the man whose interest is wildlife.” Solo Dancer. Some singing required.

  • Gymnasia: Another of Lycus’s courtesans, Gymnasia is “a giant stage on which a thousand dramas can be played.” Translation: She is tall and athletic. Solo Dancer. Some singing required.

  • Erronius: A befuddled old man who is partially blind and always confused, Erronius spends most of the play searching for his two children who were kidnapped by pirates. Speaks but does not sing.

  • Miles Gloriosus: A roman soldier, Miles Gloriosus is handsome, strong—and pompous, so much so that he proudly declares: “Even I am impressed.” Bass baritone.

  • Proteans: The Proteans play several roles in the show, from slaves to citizens, from eunuchs to soldiers. They should move well and be comedians in their own right. Baritones and Tenors.

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