Auditions Announced for MIAMI WRITES SHORTS 2017 at Miami University Hamilton

muht_miami-writes-shorts-logoAuditions for Miami University Hamilton Theatre’s spring production of MIAMI WRITES SHORTS 2017. We are presenting an evening of short works by local playwrights.

Auditions are Tuesday February 28th from 7PM until 9PM. (If you cannot make this date, contact Bekka Eaton at and we can arrange a date for you). In Studio 307 (Phelps 307) on the Hamilton campus of Miami University—1601 University Blvd. Hamilton, OH 45011.

We need actors of a mix of genders, ages late teens to 50s and 60s. Actors will fulfill at least more than one role. Audition with a prepared monologue or, if you prefer, audition materials will be provided for you.

The plays are:

BLACK-WINGED  FISH by Bridget Ossmann
A man alone on a nature trail has a heart attack and as he awaits help, he revisits his past. Will he make it? Does he have the strength—inside and out to pull through

  • YOUNG JAMIE Male 16 – 18 years old
  • YOUNG SHARON Female 19 – 22 years old
  • OLDER JAMIE Male 50 years old

CLUB SODA by Karen Righter
What happens when espionage hits home? A seemingly benign lunch turns into a spy story with double twists and knots.

  • Cintia female, late twenties, pleasantly coy, nice legs, professional (cin-tee-a)
  • Manuel male, early thirties, Latino
  • Two Agents dressed in black

INSIDE THE PLASTIC BAG (Revision by Christina Teed, Jordan Eaton and Bekka Eaton)
INSIDE THE PLASTIC BAG was written, in the most part, from auto-stories donate by clients of Mercy Health Partners Mercy Franciscan at St. Raphael’s and its companion service organizations. The principal writers were: Ruth Britt, Beth Dieselberg, Bekka Eaton, Jon Keith,  and Christina Teed; however; the entire piece was written via improvisation and devising—actors and writers working in tandem. The actors were:  Sarah Baker, Meg Haven,  Jon Keith,  John Larson, Deb Richardson, Tim Simeone and Donna Stevens

  • Meg—female, 20s-40s
  • Don—male, 20s-40s
  • God—female, any age
  • Vietnam Angel—male, 40s+
  • Chorus members, any age, gender, etc…

OFFICE ROMANCE by Alan Jozwiak
What happens at the “office” when superheroes get romantically involved? Office intrigue and scuttlebutt abound.

  • CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, a Superhero
  • JOHN, EVIL OVERLORD OF THE UNIVERSE, Captain Fantastic’s arch enemy
  • SIDEKICK, Captain Fantastic’s Sidekick

A poet has doubts about his ability as a writer, but in composing his videotaped confession he taps a flood of imagination to conjure up his victims and the meaning of his crime.

  • The Poet: Young Adult Male
  • Classmate #1: Young Adult Male
  • Classmate #2: Young Adult Female
  • Their Instructor/Sarah: Middle-age (or older) Adult Female

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