OTRimprov Presents COMEDYSPORTZ Cincinnati

otr_comedysportz-logoOTRimprov licenses greater Cincinnati chapter of
world-wide competitive improv sensation for everyone

OTRimprov is excited to announce the opening of ComedySportz® Cincinnati on Friday February 24, 2017 @ 8pm at the newly renovated Memorial Hall Studio in Over-The Rhine. ComedySportz® is the award winning comedy show where two teams of players battle it out for audience laughs and points while improvising scenes based upon audience suggestions. ComedySportz® matches will continue every weekend at the Memorial Studio.

The inaugural battle on Friday February 24 will feature the Blue Team and the Red Team under the command of the all powerful Referee and at the mercy of their audience fans, who control the outcome of the match! It’s fast, it’s funny, and it’s appropriate for everyone. A bachelorette party, an end-of-week office gathering, and a family outing are guaranteed to have a great time!

A ComedySportz® match features two teams of players competing for laughs and points, with a referee keeping things moving and calling fouls. An average of seven to twelve games are played during a match, drawn from a repertoire of over a hundred improv games. You may see a fully improvised Shakespeare scene or a live action DVD full of features you never knew existed until our referee gets a hold of the remote control. Every show is different, with different players, different games, and different audiences supplying new suggestions. The fans judge the scenes and games and ultimately decide the winners and losers. ComedySportz® also asks willing audience volunteers to join us for a game or two each match, and we make them look great!

ComedySportz® is great for everyone: all ages, all occupations, all walks of life. The audience of a typical ComedySportz® match contains everyone from kids to couples to parents to grandparents. If anyone steps beyond the boundaries of good taste, the “brown bag foul,” a brown paper sack placed over the offending player’s (or fan’s) head, will be called to set things straight. ComedySportz® proves “clean” can be fast, smart, and fun for everyone. Whether a church group, a business group, or just a group of friends looking for a good time ComedySportz® is the experience everyone will love!

WHO: ComedySportz® presented by OTRimprov
WHAT: Fast, funny, competitive improv for everyone
WHERE: Memorial Hall OTR Studio, 1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
WHEN: Friday February 24, 2017 (and running every weekend thereafter)
TICKETS & INFO: https://www.memorialhallotr.com/cincinnati-shows/comedysportz


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