Beechmont Players, Inc., is Seeking Directors to Direct in Their 2017-2018 Season

BPI_logoAs the Arts Organization in Residence at the Anderson Center, BPI has the privilege of presenting its productions in the Anderson Center’s beautiful 223-seat proscenium theater.  With our large audience base, BPI typically fills this theater with approximately 1,000 audience-members over each production’s run.  BPI now has a storage/build facility, where set designers and builders can take full advantage of the theater’s plentiful stage space by building the set in advance.  This space can even allow rehearsals on the set at the build facility.  BPI welcomes directors, design teams, and crew-members new to our group, while maintaining an active and talented membership that is ready to step up to help make each show a success.

Interested in joining us for our 58th season?  Please submit up to three plays and/or musicals that you would like to direct in BPI’s 2017-2018 season.  If scripts for the shows you are presenting are not available at the Hamilton County Public Library, please submit a copy for the Play Reading Committee (if you do not have a copy and would like assistance obtaining a copy, please let me know).  Please consider the group, our audience, and our theater when suggesting shows to present.  For additional information about our group and a list of our productions since 2008, please visit our website at

If you are interested in submitting to direct at Beechmont, contact Wayne Kirsch at  An Application form will be sent to you.  Please fill out and return this Application, along with a current theatrical resume, by October 31, 2016.  You may submit these items by snail mail at the address above, or via e-mail to  Please indicate your availability for production dates, as well as your availability for Director Interviews on the Director Application.

For the Director Interviews, you will be asked to present two shows, though the Play-Reading Committee may ask you about the other show you submitted.  Director Interviews will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings, December 5 – 6.

Thank you for your interest in Beechmont Players, Inc.  I look forward to receiving your submission!


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