Cast Announced for MIRACLE OF 34TH STREET at Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre

GHCT_logoGreater Hamilton Civic Theatre has announced the cast for their upcoming production of MIRACLE OF 34TH STREET. Directed by Pat Ganz and produced by Kevin Brunck and Tracy Botos. Performances run Nov. 30-Dec. 4.

The cast includes:

  • Dr. Pierce: Jim Graham
  • Kris Kringle: Bob McClain
  • Bag Lady: Janine Graham
  • Rich Person: Erin Knox
  • Shellhammer: Jim Ward
  • Doris Walker: Angie Neal
  • Susan Walker: Hannah Neal and Maddie Sackenheim
  • Fred Gayley: James Karr
  • Drunken Santa: Tom Redman
  • Mr. Macy: Joe Nagle
  • Sawyer: Adam Blount
  • Mr. Bloomingdale: Dick Gentry
  • Judge Harper: Tom Redman
  • Finley: Samantha Murray
  • Mara: Lacy Prewitt
  • Halloran: Bill Peace
  • D. Mara Jr.: Gabe Neil
  • Al: Dick Gentry
  • Lou: Joe Nagle
  • Child #1: Logan Knox
  • Child #2: Brady Knox
  • Sam: Brady Knox
  • Sam’s Parent: Erin Knox
  • Johnny: Logan Knox
  • Johnny’s Parent: Janine Graham
  • Dutch Girl: Madeline Webb
  • Foster Mother: Olivia Jones
  • Elf-Q: Elijah Fidder
  • Elf-R: Emma Kollstedt
  • Elf-S: Josh Couch
  • Duncan: Brianna Chmeil
  • Pedestrians: #1 Erin Knox, #2 Olivia Jones, #3 Brianna Chmeil
  • Extras: 4 Elfs, 3 pedestrians, Jim Graham, Janine Graham

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