CIVIL WAR Announced as 30th Anniversary and Final Production of Showbiz Players

SBP_logoVia Bunny Arszman

THE CIVIL WAR“The Civil War” has been announced as our 30th Anniversary production. It will be the last production for Showbiz Players, Inc. After 30 years, Showbiz is officially calling it quits. I know the first question people will ask is why? Well the honest truth is that there is no one reason. There are several reasons that have accumulated over the years that have brought us to this point. I know many groups face the same issues. It’s no one’s fault. We just can’t be financially successful and continuing the way we were going was not sustainable. We only had a couple of options – none of them good. We didn’t want to start over again, so we opted for Option C – none of the above.

It is our fervent hope that this last show will be successful. We want to go out with a bang (so to speak) and we wanted to do the show for which we want to be remembered. We want to go out on top. We hope that you will come and help us say “good-bye”. Besides helping us financially so that we can pay off our debt, you’ll see a top-notch production. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make it super special – one last time.

As for me personally, I will still be around. I don’t intend to retire from theatre. I plan to see what’s out there to broaden my horizons, but I will always be grateful to Showbiz for allowing me to follow my dream. I’ve given almost ½ my life to this organization and I wouldn’t change one second of it. I’m sure that there will be tears over the coming months, but there will also be a lot of laughter as we remember the good times. We are looking at this as the ultimate way to end it. On our terms. Doing the show that took us to the top and meant so much to us. We want this to be a great celebration. Hell – we made it to 30 and that is fantastic!!

There will be more details coming during the next few weeks.

Thank you for one helluva ride!!

[Directed by Bunny Arszman, CIVIL WAR runs April 28-May 6 at The Carnegie.]


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