Clifton Players Opens Season with Ground-Breaking Metadrama

THE ROAD THROUGH  DAMASCUS to Open 2016 – 2017 Season at Clifton Performance Theatre

CPT_The Road Through Damascus logoCINCINNATI OHIO–AUGUST 18, 2016— On September 15, 2016, a new play, written by local playwright, Robert Macke, will open the 2016 – 2017 season at Clifton Performance Theatre.

Director Nate Netzley says about, THE ROAD THROUGH  DAMASCUS: “It’s is a play about how strange and absurd life can be. A philosophical play, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. THE ROAD THROUGH  DAMASCUS knows it’s a play about small town life that comes from a long line of plays about small town life. Robby knows structure and he has such a unique voice that he can turn something seemingly simple and homespun into a unique piece of drama.”

“I am extremely fortunate to have found a director and collaborator like Nate Netzley. We have worked together since my first workshop of The Road through Damascus back in 2014. We produced it a student studio on Northern Kentucky University’s campus, where we’ve received incredible feedback. Since then we’ve worked together in several Serials at the Know Theatre and with the past Cincinnati Fringe Festival with my play, Golconda. Nate discovers something new in my writing seemingly every day; even some things I didn’t even know about the script. I look forward to see what he finds this time around.” said Robert Macke, the playwright of THE ROAD THROUGH  DAMASCUS.

“I am thrilled to have such a talented cast and crew for this show,” continued Netzley. “There are a lot of NKU alumni involved in this show but that’s also because a lot of good people have come out of NKU’s program, especially in the last five or six years and that shows the strength of local talent as well some of the amazing professors that lead that program. Emily, Andy, Matt, and Kyle are all people I have gotten to work with at least once during my time at NKU and I am so lucky to call them my peers. I’ve known Carter for probably eight years at this point and he’s the whole reason I got involved with CPT. He’s one of the hardest working people I know in Cincinnati theatre and just in general. I was overjoyed getting Miranda to work on this show. The role of Bessie requires a lot of an actor and there’s this requirement to flip on a dime and Miranda is so versatile, anyone who has seen her work can attest. I could go on for days about how much I love this cast.”

Tickets are $25. Seniors are $20, and students with ID are $15. They are available online on the Clifton Performance Theatre’s new website at: via

Featuring: Miranda McGee, Carter Bratton, Emily Fry, Matthew Krieg, Andy Simpson, Kyle Taylor

Synopsis: Imagine a town, not unlike your own. Except it’s smaller. Smaller than that. Imagine our stage. Yeah, about that size! It’s like your town in that there are people going about their everyday lives. Worrying about keeping their jobs and their health. Wondering if they will ever find the person they are looking for and asking the big questions. Questions like, “Is there more to life than this?” “What happens when we die?” “What is solipsism?” “Why does my mailman refuse to deliver the correct mail?” In the small town of Damascus, people have problems just like you. They worry about where to get coffee. They can’t decide who to elect. They try not to make eye contact with their Mayor when he sobs inconsolably outside of Town Hall. Yes, problems just like yours are explored and exposed in the professional premiere of Robert Macke’s THE ROAD THROUGH  DAMASCUS.


About the Clifton Players:
The Clifton Players, founded in 2007, are a collective of actors committed to presenting the best local talent performing the funniest, most challenging and irreverent material they can find. The Clifton Players is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

About the Clifton Performance Theatre:
The Clifton Performance Theatre opened its doors in 2009, as the home for the Clifton Players, and other theatre groups. The theatre also hosts youth camps, workshops, classes, as well as rentals for parties, and for like-minded group performances.


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