Auditions Announced for MORNING’S AT SEVEN at Mariemont Players

MPI_logoAudition Dates/Times:

  • Sunday, September 11th – 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday, September 14th – 7 PM

Location: 4101 Walton Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227
Performance Dates: January 8th – 27th

A charming, heartwarming comedy about four sisters and their three husbands who live in close proximity to each other, MORNING’S AT SEVEN centers around Homer, one of the sister’s 40 year-old son, bringing a girl to dinner. Will this lead to a proposal and, if so, how will it affect the lives and future plans of the sisters and their husbands?

Character Descriptions
MORNING’S AT SEVEN features a cast of nine characters including three male and four female roles for actors over the age of 60, one role for a male actor around 40 years old and one actress in her late thirties.

  • Cora Swanson – Cora is the down to earth, practical sister who is married to Thor and has put up with sharing her home with her unmarried sister Aronetta all her married life but has plans to change that situation in the near future.
  • Aaronetta Gibson – Arry has lived with Cora and Thor her whole adult life. She is both the family gossip and snoop and vies with Cora for Thor’s attention. She uses a pass assignation with Carl to get the upper hand on Cora.
  • Ida Bolton – Ida wants her son, Homer, to marry but dotes on him so much she makes it difficult for him to leave. She is both happy and anxious about what this engagement may bring.
  • Esther Crampton – The smartest of the four sisters, Esther married David, a college professor, who looks down on Esther’s sisters and forbids her to interact with them. Esther is the calming influence in her sister’s lives.
  • Thor Swanson – Thor is Cora’s husband and frequently caught in conflicts between Cora and Arry. He is down to earth and practical.
  • Carl Bolton- Ida’s husband, Carl suffers from “spells” where he doubts his path in life. He is an amazing builder but thinks he was meant to be a dentist.
  • David Crampton – David is Esther’s domineering, frequently insensitive husband. A retired college professor, he uses his intelligence as a weapon against Esther’s family who he looks down upon.
  • Homer Bolton – Homer is Carl and Cora’s 40 year old son. He lives at home and has been dating Myrtle for 11 years but is afraid of committing to her for fear he may have inherited his father’s “spells”.
  • Myrtle – Myrtle has been dating Homer for 11 years and tries not to pressure him about marriage but clearly hopes that will happen soon. She believes Homer’s invitation to meet his parents is the first step towards a proposal. An independent woman, she genuinely cares for Homer, although he needs a lot of prodding.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Rehearsals will begin November 14th. For more information, contact director Dennis Murphy at


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