2015-2016 Orchid Awards for The Drama Workshop


  • Producing: Dennis Murphy and Elaine Volker
  • Stage Management: Janet Wisner
  • Costume Design: Dennis Murphy
  • Set Design: Dennis Murphy
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Jim Curtis
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Jennifer Keith Richardson


  • Set Design: Ray Persing
  • Set Construction: Ray Persing and crew
  • Light Design: Elizabeth Boland and Eric Bardes
  • Stage Combat: Francis Rtm Boyle
  • Producing: Ray Persing
  • Properties: Gretchen Gantner
  • Acting in a Play: Dennis Murphy


  • Producing: Gretchen Gantner and Megan Bush Schultheis
  • House: Elaine Volker and Megan Megan Bush Schultheis
  • Stage Management: Wendy Winkler Williams
  • Acting in a Play: Victoria Covarrubias
  • Acting in a Play: Katie Waldfogle
  • Acting in a Play: Sami Williams
  • Acting in a Play: Nora Daley
  • Acting in a Play: Peggy Mcdonald-Allen
  • Costume Design: Karen Doss Vanover
  • Program: Elaine Volker
  • Ensemble: Ivory Mazur and cast


  • House: Gretchen Gantner and Amy Shaffer Waldfogle
  • Producing: Ray Persing
  • Set Construction: Ray Persing and Crew
  • Costume Design: Gretchen Gantner
  • Properties: Valeria Amburgey
  • Acting as Karen Brown: Meagan Blasch
  • Acting as Billie Dwyer: Ashley Boehm
  • Acting as Mayor Meekly: Joe Ward
  • Acting as Todd: Kevin Noll
  • Acting as Mary Meekly: Mary Benken- Mccauley
  • Direction: Ray Persing
  • Ensemble: Ray Persing and Cast
  • Set Design: Ray Persing
  • Set Decor: Elaine Volker and Ray Persing
  • Overall Production Quality: Ray Persing and Cast
  • Overall Technical Quality: Ray Persing and Crew
  • Sound Design: Jason Cox
  • Sound Execution: Jason Cox
  • Fight Choreography: Francis Rtm Boyle


  • Program Art: Emilie Beck
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Mark Waldfogle
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Russ Derek McGee
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Michael Robb
  • Musical Theatre Performance: Jack Williams
  • Stage Management: Cynthia Mottel
  • Orchestral Performance: Linda Abbott
  • Orchestral Performance: Heather McGrath
  • Ensemble: Dennis Murphy & Cast
  • Direction: Dennis Murphy
  • House: Megan Bush Schultheis, Amy Shaffer Waldfogle, Meagan Blasch
  • Producing: Valeria Amburgey

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