My Fringe Schedule: Day 4

Seven shows on the schedule today, so this post is gonna be short and sweet:

CFF_We Did It Girl logoWE DID IT, GIRL!
Torie & Me
Cincinnati, OH
Written by Kevin Crowley and performed by Kevin Crowley & Torie Wiggins
I heard positive comments about last night performance on the street (context, people).

Our goal with WE DID IT, GIRL! is the eradication of racism in America by the end of our run. Anything else is a waste of time. You might also laugh, cry, sing along and find yourself utterly horrified by the end and that’s ok too. But we’ve got no more time for broad assumptions and lazy generalizations about people who are different and so we are putting a stop it here and now.

CFF_Black-n-White Cafe logoBLACK-N-WHITE CAFE
arte-fact theatre collective
Dayton, OH

A diverse group of fun-loving patrons at a local hipster cafe are brought face-to-face with their fears when confronted by a larger society that seems to be crumbling like the famous NY-style black and white cookies that the cafe is known for. One by one, as they are confronted by the issues at hand, they learn to face one another honestly as they grapple with the awkward truths revealed as the story unfolds.

Baby Ears
Atlanta, GA

Welcome to our break-up game show! This show imagines its four title characters are all friends, and follow what happens after Gwyneth and Coldplay’s conscious uncoupling unsettles Mia and Woody’s imperfect partnership. Interspersed through this are games requiring the performers to challenge and surprise each other (every night is different), including “It’s All Good! An Exercise in Rationalization,” “The Love Song of J. Gwyneth Paltrow,” and “The Five Stages of Staying the F— Together!”

CFF_Squeeze It From the Middle logoSQUEEZE IT FROM THE MIDDLE: A Love Story
Donkey and Unicorn Productions
Cincinnati, OH
Created by Allison Bishop and performed by Allison Bishop & Adam Sanregret

SQUEEZE IT FROM THE MIDDLE: A Love Story is an intimate musical adventure. It is a collection of story scenes that are interspersed with original songs, weaving a unique tapestry of theatrical evolution! One Woman, One Man, armed with only a chair, a table, a bottle of bourbon, and some instruments, SQUEEZE IT FROM THE MIDDLE is a journey of (mostly) humorous stories are (practically) true tales worth repeating. Give it a juicy squeeze!

Tongue of the Mind
Cincinnati, OH
Written by Robert Macke & directed by Nate Netzley
Featuring Jeff Miller as Magritte, Andrew Ian Adams as Picasso, Chris Bishop as Van Gogh, Jack Manion as Warhol & Adam Jones as Theodore

In the modern world of online dating, anyone can be anyone. So why not be four of the most influential artists of all time? Join Magritte, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Warhol at brunch as they explore the freedoms and restrictions of their sexualities. When presented with equal dignity in the eyes of the law, what happens when some refuse this right themselves? It’s a coming of age story, where four generations come to age together.

Following a mad dash through the Art Academy building…

Paul Strickland Presents
Cincinnati, OH
Written & directed by Paul Strickland, the troubadour of the trailer park
Featuring local favorites Miranda McGee & Annie Kalahurka

While cleaning out the house of her estranged and strange dead aunt, a woman encounters her aunt’s persistently peculiar neighbor, and then finds a mysterious videotape the departed left behind—which is probably going to change everything.

CFF_The Gospel of Fat Kathy promoTHE GOSPEL OF FAT KATHY
Cincinnati, OH
Directed by AC Horton
Cast includes: Katie Langham as Fat Kathy, Spencer Lackey as Awkward God, Owen Alderson as Taius, Ryan Garrett as Otto & Mickey Tropeano as Clementine

In this play, God checks in on Earth disguised as a high school student. A girl spreads cooties with a nudie. A suicide is contemplated. Myths are performed. Lessons are learned. You’ll cry, you’ll LOL- your grandmother’s not gonna get it.

I’ve got my 5-hr energies in my backpack and my running shoes on my feet. Happy Fringing!

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