Queen City Queer Theatre Collective Stages THE ANXIETY PROJECT in June

QCQTC_The Anxiety Project logoThe Queen City Queer Theatre Collective will host a 10-day developmental lab for the new song cycle musical, THE ANXIETY PROJECT. The workshop will culminate in a final public performance on Monday June 13th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. Based on real stories of those suffering with anxiety/depression, this new contemporary musical features book and lyrics by David Brush and music by Rachel Dean. Queen City Queer Theatre Collective co-founder and Artistic Director Lindsey Augusta Mercer will direct the project.

THE ANXIETY PROJECT is described as “a new song cycle that explores true stories of suffering, loss, struggle, alienation, friendship, brokenness, love, hate and everything that comes with anxiety and depression disorders. The show combats one of the last great stigmas, giving voice to the people who live it – using the actual words of those for whom this disease is a large part of their lives. At once poignant and touching, this new musical explores the effects of mental illness on our collective minds – and how ignoring it leaves ripples in our social existence.”

“The project is really a labor of love,” says Brush. “The stigma of mental illness means we are losing more and more people every year to this disease. The Anxiety Project is born from a desire Rachel and I had to give a voice to those who feel the shame and fear that often accompany both the symptoms and the treatment of anxiety/depression.”

The genesis of the show came from submitted stories to a blog series of the same name through Ryan Scott Oliver’s Crazytown. Brush and Dean wrote many of the show’s songs through the blog forum. Cincinnati will represent the show’s first live incarnation. “There’s nothing more helpful for writers than getting to work with actors and seeing new work on its feet,” says Dean. “QCQTC is an integral part of the process of developing new pieces, and we’re so grateful for their work with us and with other writers.”

The cast for the staged musical reading will include: Griff Bludworth, Kaleigh Brooke-Dillingham, Hannah Gregory, Andrew Maloney, Erin McCamley, Spenser Smith, & Robert Carlton.Stimmel.

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