HGT_Occupational Pleasures and Cinderblock promoOCCUPATIONAL PLEASURES and CINDERBLOCK
Homegrown Theatre & Cincinnati Fringe Festival
Jan. 14-16
Cilfton Performance Theatre

Encore performance from 2015 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Directed by Charlie Roetting

Cast: Lauren Showen, Dylan Shelton, Leah Strasser, Nathan Neorr, Lisa Marie DeRoberts, Dave F’n Powell & Carter Bratton

Dan and Louise are keeping their office fling on the downlow. They’re not sure how serious they are and, well, their coworkers are total weirdos. This becomes even more clear when they discover that everyone in the office reads fan-fiction about their theoretical relationship. Disturbed by this revelation, Dan and Louise find themselves in a war between the two competing storylines: a 50 Shades-esque smutfest, and a syrupy romance. The show rounds itself out with hilarious and high quality fan-fiction videos.

Full-length performance of play originally serialized in SERIALS! 2: THUNDERDOME

Directed by Leah Strasser
Written by Ben Dudley

Cast: Dylan Shelton, Ben Dudley, Miranda McGee, Rory Sheridan & Shelby Becker

After a shadowy Figure smashes his windshield, Tommy meets Rod, a mysterious and odd leader of a group of social misfits who all claim to have witnessed the superhuman being. Tommy tells the cult of his own encounter and how, at his girlfriend’s office party, he came to believe he knows the Figure’s identity. Rod claims to want to help Tommy get control over his life, but his real motives are far more disturbing.

  • Thu-Sat, Jan. 14-16 at 7:30pm

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