Auditions Announced for MY FRIEND THE FOX at Village Players

VP_logoThe Village Players of Fort Thomas invites you to the auditions for MY FRIEND THE FOX by William Glennon. Directed by Rex Sholar

Sunday, August 16, 3 pm
Monday, August 17, 7 pm

This family-friendly fable introduces us to Fox—clever, sly, but likable— who befriends Justi, a simple woodsman. Fox persuades the king that Justi is wealthy and in search of a princess to marry. These lies, of course, bring trouble, conflict and humor. Justi eventually proves his worth, however, and takes his place as the story’s hero.

Cast Requirements:

  • The Fox, a man any age
  • Justi, a young woodsman (18-25)
  • The King, an older man
  • Sir Jasper, a man any age
  • Duke Darkbeard, a man any age
  • The Queen, an older woman
  • Lady Green, a woman any age
  • Lady Red, a woman any age
  • The Princess, a young tomboy (16-25)
  • The Worm, an older man
  • Two Pages, adults, any age


  • Cold readings from the script.
  • Bring photo and resume if possible.
  • Bring conflicts.


November 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22 (2015)
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing.

The Village Players of Fort Thomas
8 North Fort Thomas Avenue
Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Ticket phone line:   (859) 392-0500

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