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HEARD presented by Queen City Queer Theatre Collective as part of the 2015 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

You can read the show description here.

The Queen City Queer Theatre Collective has been staging impressive monthly readings since November of last year. I was excited to hear that they were presenting a fully-staged performance at this year’s Fringe, and they didn’t disappoint.

This original work is smartly-written by QCQTC co-founder Linnea Bond. The structure of the show works well, giving the audience enough information about the central character to keep us fully-engaged as her story unfolds.

QCQTC’s other co-founder, Lindsey Augusta Mercer, directs. She has quickly become one of my favorite directors whose local credits include THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED at New Edgecliff Theatre and DEATH AND THE MAIDEN for Diogenes Theatre Company. The blocking was natural and worked well within the found space. It was nicely-paced with solid performances from a strong ensemble.

Kaleigh-Brooke Dillingham brings a nice balance to the role of Esther. She has a natural chemistry with Helen, played with believable ease by Mia Vera. Vera does double duty as Janice, bringing a nice contrast and complimentary-tone to the role. One of my favorite scenes of the play takes place about midway, when Esther visits Dr. Taylor, played pitch-perfectly by Tracy Schoster.

I enjoyed seeing Cal Harris on stage in the role of Dave. I liked the attitude and the physicality of the character, and his “relationship” with Esther was very believable. I would have liked to have seen his energy level raise slighty to match Dillngham. Zach Robinson has a good characterization as more-than-slightly, drunk and obnoxious Ben, but his connection to the other characters in the scene was lacking.

The acoustics in the venue are a bit hinky, so I would encourage the performers to keep their volume up, as I did lose lines in some of the quieter moments.

Overall a very well-done production and one that I’m sure will be a personal favorite of this year’s Fringe. Four performances remain through June 4.

I would enjoy hearing what you think about the show or my review. All I ask is that you express your opinion without attacking someone else’s opinion. You can post your comments below.

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