Footlighters Announce Auditions for THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS


November 16, 2014 – 2pm – 5pm
Monday, November 17, 2014 – 7pm – 10pm
Callbacks on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Show Dates May 14-30, 2015
at The Stained Glass Theater, Newport, KY

Directed by: David Radtke

Character Breakdown:

Miss Mona Stangley – Playing age: 40-55. Lead role. Alto
Must have a tremendous stage presence and strong singing voice. Classy but strong, she has a great affection for her girls but rules with an iron fist and takes no nonsense. Very much the heart of the show.

Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd – Playing age 40-55 (in line with Mona). Male lead. Baritone
Must be a strong personality with a good voice. He must be able portray world-weary and full on fiery Texan spirit.

Melvin P Thorpe – Playing age 30-60. Supporting role. Baritone
A HUGE personality. Over the top and very campy. A typical TV evangelist type whose show Watchdog campaigns against ridiculous things that Melvin sees as unjust.

Jewel – Playing age: 30-60. Supporting role. Mezzo
Miss Mona’s housekeeper, must have a big voice and presence with the ability to make an impact with very few lines. Has a big brassy Aretha Franklin type number in Act I.

Doatsey May – Playing age: 25–50. Supporting role. Alto
Strong acting and vocals required. Runs the local café and basically a wannabe Mona/working girl. Never had the courage to pursue that life and so ended up serving coffee to the locals. Has a beautiful, poignant solo in Act I, which is a real chance to show off a strong vocalist.

Angel – Playing age: 18–35. Supporting role. Mezzo
Good actress with vocal ability and movement skills to fit in with the chicken ranch girls. She is very ‘obviously’ a city girl, looking for something a little better. Hard exterior but as we discover more she has a sad backstory and a gentle soul.

Shy – Playing age: 18-30. Supporting role. Mezzo
Good actress with good vocal ability and movement skills to fit in with the chicken ranch girls. Timid and gentle to begin with but she blossoms with the rest of the girls’ help.

The Governor – Playing age: 30-60. Cameo
Big personality required. Has the potential to steal the show with a big number in Act 2.

The Girls – Playing ages: 18-45.
The girls of the Chicken Ranch. Looking for all types and ages. Need strong singers and actresses. Some (but not all) will need to be strong dancers to play the cheerleaders.

The Aggies – Playing ages 18–30.
The college football team who gets rewarded for their championship win with a trip to the Chicken Ranch. Must be able to convince as an excitable bunch of American football playing boys, strong singing and movement, and comfortable being shirtless on stage.

Ensemble: The Melvin P Thorpe singers/dogettes, townsfolk, Angelettes (cheer leader troupe), Governor’s Aide, Miss Wulla Jean, shy kid, etc.
These are to be cast outright or doubled according to auditionee numbers, ages, abilities etc. A multitasking ensemble who will enhance the show with versatility and frequent costume changes.

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