SERIALS! Midseason Break Review

KTC_SerialsTonight, Aug. 11th, Know Theatre of Cincinnati presents the fourth episodes of their summer theater experiment, SERIALS!

If you have missed the previous performances, there is a brief recap before each episode.

Having seen three episodes of the six plays, below are some thoughts at the halfway point.

  • FLESH DESCENDING – After a slow start, the second and third episodes have done much to move the show forward. The origin of the falling meat has been explained, and all the signs point to the coming of the Anti-Christ.
  • FETUS AND THE GOD – In the second and third episode, God and the fetus “hit the road” together, giving the show an energy boost and some good laughs. A smart idea to recast God in each episode.
  • THE LISTENER – Continues to hold steady. I would like to see the energy level vary a bit within the episodes as the cast seems to be holding the same tone throughout, making it a bit flat.
  • SATURDAY THE 14TH – Continues to be my personal favorite. The would-be jumpers have indeed crashed that party, only to run into the man partly responsible for [Nik Pajic] suicidal leanings. The couple ducked into a bathroom to avoid him, only to become trapped inside. This allows [Miranda McGee] to share her hysterical “poop in a bag” story.
  • THE FUNERAL – In episode two, they pull a “Bewitched,” as Jared Earland assumes the male role originally portrayed by writer/director Jon Kovach. The show continues to be smartly-written and emotionally true. I do feel that the lengthy recaps created by the re-staging of previous scenes is starting to affect the forward momentum of the story.
  • MARS VS. THE ATOM – Much like FLESH DESCENDING, the second and third episodes have done much to move the story forward. Paul Kerford Wilson gains confidence on stage with each episode. The relationship between his character, and the two ladies in his life, has come together nicely. In the second episode, it was nice to get Sam Rueff out of his wheelchair for a charming flashback with Miranda McGee. The end of the third episode introduces the possible cause of the damage to Wilson’s home and of Rueff’s catatonia. Could it be aliens!!??!! (Great puppet btw!)

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