CFF_The Loveland FrogHOT DAMN! IT’S THE LOVELAND FROG! presented by Hugo West Theatricals as part of the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

You can read the show description here.

No sophomore slump for Mike Hall and Joshua Steele. Their Hugo West Theatricals (responsible for the 2012 audience favorite, DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS) returns to the Cincy Fringe with HOT DAMN! IT’S THE LOVELAND FROG!, a bluegrass musical comedy based on an amphibious anomaly first sighted in Loveland, Ohio back in 1955.

A part of the success of THE LOVELAND FROG is that it is very obvious that everyone involved with the production is having a blast, and that energy is infectious. The talented ensemble, which includes an all-star local cast, brings the quirky Loveland inhabitants to life, under the direction of Michael Sherman and music direction of Steve Goers.

The sold-out opening night audience laughed out loud through the entire production, at times even causing a slight delay in the performance until we got it out of our system. Each character has a chance to shine and there are some great bits peppered throughout the show.

If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would be “When Bobby Holds Me Tight.” A great ballad with a good balance of humor and sweetness, nicely performed by Erin Ward & Abby Rowold. Also, the trio of Bill Hartnett, Randy Lee Bailey and Miranda McGee, is comedy gold. Remaining cast members include Joe Hornbaker, Brad Myers, Steve Goers, John Jacobs, Jack Bogard, Kelcey Steele and Reggie Willis.

Overall THE LOVELAND FROG will make you hoot and holler with laughter. Great job. Get your tickets early.

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