BPI Announces Cast of INTO THE WOODS

BPI_logo12Beechmont Players Inc. is proud to announce the cast of INTO THE WOODS.

  • Narrator/Mysterious Man, Rick Kramer
  • Cinderella, Erin Nicole Donahue
  • Jack, Justin O’Neil
  • The Baker, Jeff Surber
  • The Baker’s Wife, Dylan McCrate
  • Cinderella’s Stepmother, Mollie Fingerman
  • Florinda, Rebecca Krausser
  • Lucinda, Emily Jenscon
  • Jack’s Mother, Cathy Ross
  • Little Red Ridinghood, Rae Krull
  • The Witch, Allison Muennich
  • Cinderella’s Father, Vernon Burns
  • Cinderella’s Mother, Deborah Black
  • Cinderella’s Prince/The Wolf, Joey Schnell
  • Rapunzel, Madeline Marita
  • Rapunzel’s Prince, Gregory Good
  • Grandmother, Rebecca Wiesman
  • Steward, Conner Keef
  • Milky White/Sleeping Beauty, Pamela Blessing

Directed by: Matthew Wilson
Produced by: Tom Bergquist

INTO THE WOODS is the brilliant Steven Sondheim musical which follows well-known fairy-tale characters Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack (and the Giant!), and Little Red Riding Hood to see if they really lived happily ever after. All of the characters have their selfish reasons to go “into the woods,” but they’ll have to learn to cooperate if they’re going to truly bring their stories to a happy ending. Discover “the rest of the story” in this delightful musical.

INTO THE WOODS runs February 21 – March 1, 2014, at the Anderson Center Theatre (7850 Five Mile Road, 45230). Tickets are $15 general admission and $13 students, seniors and active military. Buy tickets in advance at www.beechmontplayers.org, by calling 513-233-2468 or at the door.


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