Union Community Theatre has announced the cast for their upcoming production, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, directed by Amanda Emmons Wolery.

  • Garrick Straub as George Bailey
  • Russ McGee as Clarence Odbody
  • Mike Kalfas as Mr. Gower
  • Micah Greenhill as Young George
  • Keith Stadtmiller as Harry Bailey
  • Kim Leavens as Mother Bailey
  • Betsi Brockmeier as Aunt Tilly
  • Aubrey Wilson as Violet Peterson
  • Adam Billiter as Bert
  • Kyle Shumate as Ernie
  • Chris Bishop as Uncle Billy
  • Tara Caddell as Mary Hatch (Mary Bailey)
  • Garry Hohnecker as Henry F. Potter
  • Samantha Isler as Mr. Potter’s Secretary
  • Rhoda Brumfield as Mrs. Hatch
  • Karl Bolinger as Sam Wainwright
  • Richelle Roth as Miss Andrews
  • Patricia Mullins as Mrs. Thompson
  • Scott Warner as Mr. Martini
  • Debbie Marksberry as Mrs. Martini
  • Audra Cofojohn as Miss Carter
  • Josh Galloway as Peter Bailey
  • TBA as Tommy Bailey
  • Eve Roth as Zuzu Bailey
  • Elli Harmon as Janie Bailey
  • Steve Rawlings as Mr. Welch
  • Sydney Allen as Soloist/Ensemble
  • Alison Kalfas as Soloist/Ensemble
  • David Kalfas as Ensemble

For more information visit www.unionct.net.


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