Know Theatre of Cincinnati Announces Fall Fringe Festival

Five performances from the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival return for encores

Know Theatre and the Cincinnati Fringe Festival are excited to announce a fall mini-Fringe Festival comprised of four encore performances from 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival artists! These Fringe encores will feature two returning shows: Audience Pick of the Fringe, On Her Pillow by Honour Pillow of Cincinnati, OH and Producers’ Pick of the Fringe, The Screw You Revue by Screw You Entertainment of Olrando, FL as well as two new shows by 2012 Fringe Artists Kevin Thornton and Tommy Nugent. Kevin Thornton (of Nashville, TN) will present Kevin J. Thornton: UNFRINGED and Tommy Nugent (of Detroit, MI) will present OCCUPY This: Tales of an Accidental Activist. In addition, OTR Improv, Know Theatre’s house improv team and member of the Jackson Street Market, will also present an encore of their Festival performance.

“We’re excited to continue our tradition of Fringe Encores, but we wanted to try something a little different this time around. We’re bringing all of the Fringe Encores in for one week of performances with a rep schedule similar to the main Festival. It’s important to us as a part of the national Fringe community to support these artists’ work year round. You’ll also be able to buy a pass for the whole week for just $40.”, says Producing Artistic Director, Eric Vosmeier.

Performances will occur between Wednesday, September 19 and Saturday, September 22. The full schedule is here:

Full Schedule

Wednesday, September 19th
On Her Pillow – 7:30pm
OTRi’s The Chronicle – 9:15 pm

Thursday, September 20
OCCUPY This – 7:00pm
UNFRINGED – 8:30 pm

Friday, September 21
On Her Pillow – 7:00pm
The Screw You Revue – 9:15 pm

Saturday, September 22
UNFRINGED – 7:00 pm
OCCUPY This – 8:30 pm
The Screw You Revue – 10 pm

All tickets for this performance are $12. Four show flexible passes can be purchased for $40. Tickets and passes can be purchased by visiting or or by calling the box office at 513.300.KNOW (5669).

On Her Pillow
In 1977 it was cool to be a multi-racial family if you lived in San Francisco, or New York…but we lived in Addyston, Oh. Not cool…and NOT O.K. Then my parents gave me the name Honour Pillow because I wasn’t going to stand out enough as the only curly headed, biracial giant at my school. Now I was a curly headed, biracial giant named Honour Pillow. Geesh. No ordinary life could follow this beginning. I would become a Model in New York, a Comedienne in Chicago, and a Cancer Patient in Las Vegas. Being biracial was the least of my worries.

Bio – Model turned Comedienne Honour Pillow is a Cincinnati native who has spent the past 10 years performing stand-up comedy in Chicago, Il, and Las Vegas, NV. After completing her one woman play “On Her Pillow” and battling cancer in 2010, she decided to return to Cincinnati to be closer to family where she currently lives with her husband. This is her first theatrical stage performance.

OTRi: The Chronicle
Inspired by one of the most popular shows to emerge from the Chicago improv scene, The Chronicle is OTRimprov’s take on the Armando Diaz Experience. The Armando Diaz is long-form improvisation created at improvOlympic Chicago, where a special guest shares personal stories based on an audience suggestion that weave into scenes inspired by their monologues. Featuring 2012 Fringe artists who will peel the onion of their own dysfunction bare their soul, all in the name of improv. OTRi is Know Theatre’s house improv team and member of the Jackson Street Market.

Bio – OTRimprov is an improvisational comedy troupe that’s made its home at Know Theatre of Cincinnati as part of the Jackson Street Market. Recognizing the distinct lack of regularly scheduled improv performances in Cincinnati, especially Downtown and in Over-the-Rhine, OTRi looks to provide this particular brand of entertainment in order to further strengthen Cincinnati’s established arts community.

OCCUPY This: Tales of an Accidental Activist
Comedic Storyteller “Reverend Nuge” went to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Detroit just to carry funny signs. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Revolution – he started to believe in it. The next thing you know he’s camping with crack addicts, marching with anarchists, burying a friend and writing this show.

“Nugent has grown a smart show here, full of humor and big ideas, but it’s a blossom with even deeper roots than we expected.” – DC Theatre Scene

“A magnetic stage presence with a razor-sharp conversational performance style…with him on the streets, the 1% should be nervous.” – Fresno Bee

Bio – Just your basic preacher turned strip club bartender turned professional gambler turned law school drop-out turned street magician turned motivational speaker turned solo theater artiste and North America’s premier purveyor of Comedic Enlightenment. Tommy “Reverend Nuge” Nugent has performed for more than half a million people through the U.S. and Canada.

“Hanging out with world-class characters like Reverend Nuge is what Fringe is all about.” – Orlando Weekly.

“His aw-shucks personality keeps things light and loose, and the demons he tackles keep things meaningful…Nugent makes it look easy and fun.” – CityBeat

Kevin J. Thornton: UNFRINGED
Kevin J Thornton (Sex, Dreams & Self Control 2009, I Love You We’re F*#ked 2011, Strange Dreamz 2012) returns with “Kevin J Thornton: UNFRINGED.” Expect his signature mix of comedic storytelling and original music, but this time with a twist. The entire hour is completely unscripted and spontaneous! He knows he’s probably going to talk about the time he worked on a cruise ship in South America and then play you the joke ideas he records into his phone in the middle of the night when he’s super stoned, but that’s about it. One thing is certain, this will be never before heard material. Could be thrilling. Could be moderately thrilling. Could be something else entirely.

Bio – “Thornton toiled at Nashville area coffee shops for many years chasing the elusive record deal with his band Waves On Waves. His first musical effort “Had A Sword” won the Nashville Scene Music Award for Best Experimental Rock shortly before they disbanded in 2008. Frustrated, he relocated to Los Angeles and on the dare of a friend
began frequenting Hollywood stand up comedy open mics. Within a few months he was named a Los Angeles Times “Best Bet,” had been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and became a “New Faces Winner” at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. In 2011 Thornton was a guest lecturer at University of California, Berkeley where he spoke about the successful use of his podcast and social media in connection with his national touring act. He produces a weekly Podcast on also called “Strange Dreamz.” Thornton irreverently discusses touring adventures, current events, and issues affecting the LGBTcommunity. Thornton’s podcast is the highest rated program on the LGBT related online radio station Click Click Expose based in Miami, Florida. He’s also an author. His most recent book “The Universe Sock Puppet”
is available on his website and retailers worldwide

The Screw You Revue
Wayburn Sassy is an 89 year old self-proclaimed “Entertainment Legend” and America’s Favorite Bigot. Wayburn fears Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Japanese, Arabs, Islanders, the Taiwanese, bongo players, men in kilts, and above ALL he fears ” Whimsicals” (Wayburn’s word for Gay Men). Wayburn has the excellent fortune of sharing the stage with his “Amorous Amazon,” his “Leggy Lolita,” his “Girl-with-the-Gorgeous-Gams,” Miss Didi Panache. Didi loves everyone, but she loves Wayburn best. Together, this irreverent twosome transport the audience to a place where no subject is taboo and everyone takes part in the joke.

Bio – Screw You Entertainment is the blood, sweat, and tears of partners, (on stage as well as in life), Dewey Chaffee and Douglas McGeoch. Founded in 2007 after the highly successful debut of the company’s flagship show, The Screw You Revue, the company quickly gained a reputation for stellar productions with astounding attention to detail and quality. Keen on irreverent humor, Screw You Entertainment explores the boundaries of human bigotry, racism, and intolerance with over-the-top characters and wild guest interactions.

Since 2007, The Screw You Revue, has appeared at several Fringe Festivals through out the United States and Canada, including Orlando, Winnipeg, Indianapolis, and London, Ontario, winning 6 ‘Best of Fest’ titles, along the way. The Screw You Revue was the 2012 Producers’ Pick of the Fringe at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

More information about these shows, tickets, and other Know Theatre events can be found at

Know Theatre of Cincinnati is supported, in part, by the generosity
of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign.

The Ohio Arts Council helps fund Know Theatre with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

Our mission is to create evocative and explosive live entertainment.
Our vision is a world awakened to its collective possibility.
We value a playful artistic community where artists can collaborate and grow.

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