DAMN YANKEES runs July 19-22

Presented by Mason Community Players
July 19-22

Middle-aged real estate agent Joe Boyd is a long-suffering fan of the pathetic Washington Senators baseball team. His wife Meg laments this (“Six Months Out Of Every Year”). After Meg has gone to bed, Joe sits up late, grumbling that if the Senators just had a “long ball hitter” they could beat the “damn Yankees”. “I’d sell my soul for a long ball hitter,” he laments. Suddenly, “Mr. Applegate” appears. He looks like a slick salesman, but he is really the Devil, and he offers Joe exactly that deal: if he gives up his soul, Joe will become “Joe Hardy”, the young slugger the Senators need. Joe accepts, even though he must leave his wife Meg (“Goodbye Old Girl”). However, Joe’s business sense makes him insist on an escape clause. The Senators’ last game is on September 25, and if he plays in that final game, he is “in for the duration”. If not, he has until 9 o’clock that night to walk away from the deal and return to his normal life.

Directed and choreographed by Laureen Catlin
Vocal music direction by Lara Turner Gonzalez
Produced by Gail Rudolph

Cast list

  • Thu-Sat, July 19-21 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 22 at 3pm

Official page | Online ticketing | FaceBook event |

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