Casting Call for Full Feature Romantic Comedy, FIRST IMPRESSIONLESS

Local Independent film groups and are teaming up for the Production of a fully original story known as “First Impressionless”, planned to release in 2012. This project is bringing together film talent from Northern Kentucky to Northeast Dayton, to create well rounded and very talented team. Directed By: PHIL HEPFINGER, Starring: JOE KIDD, IABOU WINDIMERE,

Auditions will be held in Dayton, Northern Cincinnati, and Covington KY. Please with your resume, Preferred roles (see listing below), Photos (Headshot, and a full body shot), along with which audition region you are closest. We will work with you to find the best audition time.

ROLES are listed below.

“First Impressionless” is the story of two actors named JENNIFER LOVELYNN and JEFFERY RITE. JEFF is known as the Actor that made “Asshole” lovable and
JENN is The Actress that is known for clearly sharing what she wants, and demands she gets it. Despite their friendly, quirky, and entertaining personalities, they continually denied having found love at first sight, because neither had the guts to admit it

Having met on the set of a low budget film, JENN and JEFF had an unforgettable first Impression on everyone in their lives. After years apart, countless failed relationship attempts, and successful careers, The now HOLLYWOOD stars are reunited for the production of the movie’s SEQUEL.

Still rejecting fate, the two try their best to remain IMPRESSIONLESS to one another. They followed all the rules, played all the games, and never crossed a single line… until waiting patiently became too much of a burden to bear., Their Director and his Production assistant make a pact to to stop at nothing to show JENN and JEFF that the perfect person for both of them is right in front of their eyes.

Having failed at their countless attempts to give the other the hint that they are interested, They both decide to stop at nothing and hunt each other down for a second chance at an honest FIRST IMPRESSION.


An older mature individual. Has a sort of Quirky way with explaining heartfelt points. Bob is the Director that despite his crude use of words, hopes for the best for everyone with his constantly obnoxious words of wisdom… However, Bob’s advice is usually right.

– P.J.
The Young nerdy Production Assistant and everyones “Project”. A guy that sees the best in all the troubled souls around him in hollywood.

A lawyer suffering from illness. A professional uptight businessman. A workaholic type individual who probably hid his cold personality under expensive suits for years.

A feisty, obnoxious, shopaholic who probably spends her days at the salon, mall, and enjoying her recent boob job.

A nerdy fan girl type that worships P.J.

Should have a nice or interesting voice fit for interviewing.


IABOU Windimere

via wesseling group


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