CURRICULUM VITAE from Jimmy Hogg - Photo by Andrew Hungerford

CURRICULUM VITAE presented by Jimmy Hogg as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You can read the show description here.

Jimm Hogg descibes his performance style as “very physically detailed, exceptionally fast-paced and packed with details, descriptions, segues and anecdotes leaving the audience little time to breathe until the curtain comes down. ” In that regard, CURRICULUM VITAE certainly delivers as promised.

For me, the part of the delivery that stumbles is feeling that I was being talked at, instead of being talked to. So it’s more stand-up comedy than theatrical performance. The best moments, for me, were when the strangely vocal (for Cincinnati) audience, knocked Hogg’s performance off its well-rehearsed track and forced him to directly interact with the audience, allowing his personality and quick-wit to shine.

Overall a good Fringe production. Many thanks to Hogg for adjusting his performance, as this venue does not have a raised play area. BTW the accent promised in the show’s tag line is British, not Canadian.

The Day 1 performance was well attended and well-received with an audience count of approximately 50 patrons, with only a couple of Fringe “virgins.”

Three performances of CURRICULUM VITAE remain at 1423 Vine : Fri, June 3 at 07:30pm, Sat, June 4 at 3pm and Mon, June 6 at 8:30pm.


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