2011 Fringe Adventure: Day Five


Fringe performances on Sunday, June 5th begin at 2pm. I have three shows on my schedule for the day:

  • 4pm at Media Bridges
    THE BEASTS from The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure
    A building secured for generations against what lies outside. A meeting is called to discuss whether it’s time to finally open the doors, to see whether the Beasts still wait outside, whether it is time to let us out, and perhaps, to let them in… Plus, there are weird puppets! A strange mixture of post-apocalyptic horror, solo performance, and puppetry results in this politically charged & extremely dark comedy.

Ben Egerman’s tagline for THE BEASTS is “ALIEN meets TWELVE ANGRY MEN meets the Muppets.” How can I not go? As I stated previously, I have not had positive experiences with puppets at the friends, so let’s see if this holds true for muppets as well…

  • 5:30pm at 1423 Vine
    Miss Magnolia Beaumont, Southern debutante, finds herself trapped in the body of Joe, a gay New Yorker visiting Provincetown, MA. This hilarious and touching tale of two souls struggling for balance and understanding celebrates the beauty and magic of P-town.

Reading the description immediately brought to mind ALL OF ME with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, (and this if you are a FARSCAPE fan) you know, if Steve was gay and Lily was a Southern debutante from the Civil War era. A quick look as his preview video and a scanning of recent reviews reinforces that this should be an entertaining and insightful performance. Can’t wait.  Then it’s a no-time dash a few doors down.

  • 7pm at 1411 Vine
    THE BODY SPEAKS: SCRIPTED from Performance Gallery
    THE BODY SPEAKS roller-coaster plows through the brains of six playwrights and out pops a unique vision. A series of photos by Sean Dunn inspire our “scripted” response; concise vignettes creating a variety of worlds, characters and stories. They may enchant, they may enrage as they explore the body, brain and beyond. Come along on the ride. Continue your journey through the theme by seeing the “movement” and “captured” versions by our collaborating partners. Part of THE BODY SPEAKS: SEVEN PHOTOS INSPIRE DANCE, FILM AND THEATRE. Explore three independent interpretations and one unique collaboration. 

If there is one local performance organization that lives on the Fringe, it is Performance Gallery. TBS:S is their eighth consecutive entry in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival since 2004. Personal favorites include godsplay (’06) and fricative(’08). A host of faces familiar to local audiences perform in the 70 minutes show: Michael Bath, Aretta Baumgartner, Katie Eichler, Michael Hall, Mindy Heithaus, Marissa Holzman, Jodie Linver, Lauren Otte, Willemien Patterson, Hayley Powell, Simon Powell, Derek Snow, Khrys Styles & Valerie Witherspoon.

Heading out to a an audition after this performance. Look for reviews for these productions on Monday.

Official Cincy Fringe site | Plan your Fringe-ing with my daily show grid |


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