Updated: Fringe Schedule Grid R3

I’ve taken the performance schedule each day and created a spreadsheet grid to figure out my attendance. I thought some of you out there might find it useful, so I cleaned it up for posting.

Click this link to download my 2011FringeR3 .pdf file. (Updated 6/6 at 11:45pm.)

Revision 3: 

  • The Thursday, June 9th performance of TRANSFRINGEMENT: CIRCUS MOJO has been cancelled. The final performance is Saturday, June 11th at 2:30pm.
  • I’ve also deleted past dates, so this .pdf only has the schedule from Tuesday-Saturday.

Revision 2:

  • Updated performance duration for all performances of TO AND FRO AND UP AND DOWN.

Revision 1:

  • June 5th performance of TALK TO THE HAND has been added back to the schedule.
  • For all performances, the performance number has been added. For example a 1/5 indicates the first of five performances. 4/4 indicates the last of four performances.

A few things to be aware of:

  • This is NOT an official Fringe document. I created it from the Fringe website information, which is subject to change. I will do my best to keep it accurate as changes are announced.
  • Speaking of changes, two one performance at the SCPA Blackbox have been cancelled on June 5th. I left the blocks but blacked out the information.
  • If a show runs over a 15 minute block, I added another block to it. So a show that runs 60 minutes is four blocks “tall” and a show that runs 65-75 minutes is five blocks “tall”, etc. Keep an eye on durations when you are considering attending performances at different venues back to back.
  • Boxes with dark grey shading are single stand alone events. The exception to this is the two performances of THE BODY SPEAKS: CAPTURED, which is the film portion of THE BODY SPEAKS trilogy.
  • Hopefully I’ve correctly formatted everything to correctly print. I have combined some weekdays to save a few trees. Please note that June 3 and June 6 are on the same page.
  • Check back to this blog entry as I’ll post revisions to the document as I make them.
Enjoy and happy Fringe-ing.

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