2011 Fringe Adventure: Day Three


Start your weekend on the Fringe. Performances I’ll be attending on Friday, June 3rd:

  • 7pm at Know Theater
     DENALI from Working Group Theatre
    Who owns the story of survival? One summer, three childhood friends attempt to summit Mt. McKinley in Alaska’s Denali National Park — and only two come back. DENALI, by Austin Bunn, explores the line between fact and fiction, and the tests of friendship on the world’s coldest mountain. Imagine Jon Krakauer’s INTO THIN AIR with a James Frey scandal of legitimacy and you have the newest work from Pushcart Prize winning author Austin Bunn. 

The description for this show immediately reminded me of a half-hour cutting of K2 (the story of two friends’ ascent of the second-highest mountain on Earth) presented years ago by Falcon Theater. I’m very interested to see this on unfold.

  • 8pm at ArtWorks
    This beef ain’t halal! Join Zed “The Muslim Weird Al” Headscarf on an irreverent romp through the American Muslim experience. This musically comic solo-show explores religion, growing up in a Pakistani immigrant family, and coming to terms with sex and love—all in one hilarious, energy-packed hour of story and song parody from powerhouse performer Zehra Fazal.

Best show title this season, religion themed and the “Muslim Weird Al?” I’m so there. Thankfully the two venues for D & HATAB are right next door to each other. Cutting this one close as well.

  • 9:30pm at ArtWorks
    I LOVE YOU (WE’RE FUCKED) from Kevin J. Thornton
    “I was going through an intense break up in Los Angeles. I moved out of our West Hollywood apartment and came to Indiana to hibernate for the winter and clear my head. Instead, I ended up drinking a lot and writing folk/country songs. I decided to take all this heartbreak and music and smash it together with my stand up.” This unique hybrid of styles is displayed in Thornton’s hilariously show about a gay man looking back over the greatest loves (and sex) of his life written by and starring Kevin J Thornton. Includes original music from Thornton’s 2011 release JANUARY DREAMS.

Based on his 2009 Fringe appearance with SEX, DREAMS AND SELF CONTROL (he also revisited Know last October for two performances), Kevin’s new show was definitely at the top of my must see this list this Fringe. Following the format of his previous show, ILY(WF) is “a mix of stand-up, storytelling and original music.” Reviews of this new show from the Orlando Fringe have been very positive. A great place to start your Friday night before you hit the bars (you know who you are).

Check back for reviews on Saturday.

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